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  • Please help as I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I am a noob to plugin making and have been trying to release a new revision of my plugin today without success.

    the plugin is here

    from reading everything I have done the following

    1. Worked in /trunk for plugin dev, making the Stable tag: the latest revision I want to be live i.e. 1.1 and upload that readme.txt in the trunk
    2. Creating a new directory in /tags/1.1 or whatever the revision is
    3. put a copy of the plugin in the /tags/1.1
    4. Add that new content (files and directories) to including a readme.txt for that revision.
    5. Sit back and wait for the server to make it live…..

    All apart from part 5 seems to be working, the system is creating the zips and stuff, but is not able to change from “v1.00” to another version. Not quite sure how it became v1.00 as my first tag was “1.0”

    Anyhow, please help as I wanna release this update. I’m sure I am just missing something stupid.

    thanks in advance

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