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Updating a plugin removes the .mo files in other languages

  • This is a pretty big problem. Amytime I update a plugin (icluding buddypress) .mo translation files dissapear – magically!!!

    I have those files for a bunch of plugins on my computer and this saved my ass a few times… .

    Now maybe WordPress itself, won’t check for any files when updating a plugin, but is there a way to provide plugin developers with a feature to check for any .mo language specific files and avoid removing it upon update? Or at least ask the user before removing any files “The following files will be vanished! Do you want to continue?”

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  • If you’re adding the .mo files yourself (as in they’re not included in the plugin) that is a problem.

    You should be sending the devs the .mo files for inclusion in the plugin.

    I know, that means we’re depending on somebody else to translate plugins… now that does not fits very well within the term of “open source”!

    No no, that’s not what I mean 🙂

    YOU translate and send your translation to the plugin dev and make it official. Open Source means you can do that, but it also means you really should pay it forward. Have it included in the plugin so everyone can use it! Yay!

    Well, in my opinion “open source” means that if a pipe is broken in your house you can repair it yourself, if you know how – without need to call for somebody else.
    On the other hand, open-source does not means free!

    So there might be people who don’t want to share their work with others for free.

    Or some people finding a lot of grammar or syntax errors in the official translations distributed with plugins and WordPress – I’m one of them!

    We have to accept, that people working on translations are not all great translators. So we should give people ways to improve their own site without hassle, and therefore without fear of updates.

    Yes, you CAN fix the pipe, but as you’ve found, that means you lose your changes when you update the plugin. Therefore you have to reapply your changes.

    Thus the best thing is to work with the plugin dev. Most are very happy to accept translations.

    This thread, gave me an idea for a plugin. To allow wp users to manage their own translations for their blogs and plugins, if they’re not happy with the official translation.

    Something like your own GlotPress. So if anybody wants to participate in devsloping such a plugin, or has any further ideas please notify me in this thread.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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