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    I have a situation where I’ve needed to add a required field after I have already populated a large number of records into the system. Is there a way to update all the records in bulk? The though of manually opening and closing each record is likely more than I can handle.

    It was tough enough realizing the data wasn’t portable between a development system and a live system. Any help would be welcome.

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    I haven’t implemented any support for bulk editing features in the CCTM. If you really have to do this, I would suggest a well constructed MySQL query(ies) to insert the required rows.

    Re dev to prod: yeah, WP is not a professional system for serious dev, and the migration debacle and lack of logging functions and … oiy… I digress.

    Actually all I need to do is update the value in the existing records for the newly required fields…(all!). Good idea tho, I’ll try updating the db directly.

    While we’re on feature suggestions – the ability to extract a single type definition (and it’s fields) to move to another existing system and ADD it in instead of replacing would be very welcome.

    As would an add-on plugin that could take stripped records from an existing definition and insert them as new records into a separate installation.

    Was simple enough. Heres what I did in case it helps:

    First I deleted the few existing wp_postmeta records I had with this custom field in the meta_key. Then inserted.

    INSERT INTO wp_postmeta (meta_id,post_id,meta_key,meta_value) select NULL,ID,'custom_field_name','custom_field_value' from wp_posts where post_type='custom_post_type' and post_status = 'publish';

    Plugin Contributor fireproofsocks


    Yeah, line-item import is planned for 0.9.8:

    Glad the database manipulation worked.

    This brings up a subtle, but complex point about the behavior of “default” values for fields. Iit was discussed in some detail in this post a couple weeks ago:

    Another way to tackle this type of thing (less intrusively) might be to do it in the view layer (i.e. in your templates): — that approach would work especially well when you’re dealing with fields that do not have values assigned to them.

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