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  • I am in need of some serious help. I am a novice with wordpress because someone else set my blog up for me. I tried on my own to update it several times, but just couldn’t get it accomplished. Now I can’t even get into it. I have been trying for months to login, but all of my passwords fail. I tried resetting the password several months ago, but the code they kept sending would not work. I’m worried that my version is so old that nothing works anymore. Trying to reset the password today leaves me with the “check your email” message, but then I receive nothing.

    I considered abandoning this blog all together and starting up a brand new one, but I don’t want to lose what I already have in this blog. Is there anyone out there patient enough to help me out or will I just need to cut my losses and move on?

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  • Do you know what version wordpress you are using.

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    if you trying to upgrade from an old version, follow the instructions of this codex and do incremental update:


    I honestly have no idea what version it is…I know I have tried to update for the last few years if that is any indication. Like I said I am a novice and since I had nothing to do with setting it up…I’m at a loss.

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    did you review the instructions listed in the codex I linked in my previous post?

    Did I mention I am a complete novice at this? The first thing it wants me to do is backup up my files…that would be great, but the only way I could see to do that required me to actually get INTO my blog. Like I said…I am locked out from the admin side of it. If I can’t do anything to get into it first then is there really ANY way to upgrade it?

    Forgive me if I sound ignorant…of this particular function I truly am.

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    Of course you do have the option of engaging a professional to assist you if you feel that this is beyond your capabilities.


    I appreciate the suggestion however since this is a personal blog I’m really not prepared to pay to have it fixed. I was hoping for a kindly soul to perhaps lead me through a process to get it back up and going. I’m not completely ignorant of computers just of wordpress and its associated functions. I’m wishing now that it had been me setting up the blog in the first place. It is linked to another site that is no longer being monitored so I can’t get aid from there.

    Anyway, thank you for your assistance.

    do you have ftp access or any other access? Is the server being rented by you or is this a wordpress or hosted on something that you have zero control over. Most likely they reason you don’t get an email with the password, is that who ever set it up has their email in there and not yours. Do you know who set it up.. ask them to see if they are getting a password in their junk box…

    hell if you just want the content, go to each page and cut and paste it.. them put the formatting back in… or is there too many pages for that ..

    if you have cpanel access you can go into mysql and change the passworkd for the front end… you did not give much data for anyone to help you.

    Thanks tommytx…I really don’t know what info to give. Someone else set up the blog on another site. It is a wordpress page and all I have ever had was a user name and password to get into it. My user name appears to be correct, but I can’t reset the password. That is where I am at. When I contact the original person who set it up all I got was this:

    “I don’t really have any suggestions. If the WordPress install is acting up there is not much I can do. I’m not a WordPress developer. I use it on one of my websites but I keep it up to date.
    I’m not sure if there is a ‘reinstall’ feature that would restore it’s functionality.”

    If it’s not enough info then I guess I am out of luck.

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    you can reset your password by one of the methods outlined at

    If you have FTP access the emergency password reset script should help.

    [ FTP stuff removed as irrelevant following above posts ]

    if you are paying for hosting, consider asking your host to reset the WP admin password for you: it would be trivial for them as a free service to keep a customer.

    I don’t get that ‘linked to another site’ bit. Who is paying for the hosting ? Or paying for the domain ? If all fails and you own the domain you can install a new blog elsewhere, copy the posts if not too many, then repoint the domain to the new host and for all purposes it will be the same blog; whilst the old files for the original site wither on the vine.

    As for the age of the install, if it worked then it will work now; code may be comparatively less efficient than later code, but it doesn’t degrade. And if it hasn’t been hacked, all’s well.

    You might put the url into to make sure it hasn’t been hacked.

    I wish I HAD FTP access…I went back to the person who set it up, but I haven’t heard back yet. I’ve tried the automatic emailer over the last several months. Five times in January…I would click the link it gave me and I kept getting “that key does not appear to be valid”

    UGH! This is frustrating!

    I scanned it…the only red flag is that it is outdated software. Glad I already knew that…thanks for the site though, Claverhouse.

    I do have more info now…I know the version I have is 2.5.1
    That it is running on Apache
    I know the Word press internal pathway

    I tried using the emergency.php hack to get in, but it isn’t working. Not sure I am doing it correctly although I did find the update file for wordpress 3.3. I must have saved it on my computer before, but ran out of time to try to figure out the update. My website is also a .org rather than a .com Forgive my ignorance, but will that make any difference?

    Getting late will try again tomorrow…any more advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for all who responded.

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