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  • Hello everybody,

    I am not sure what section this thread should be in… Anyway here is a problem that has been driving me crazy over the last few days:

    I am developing a wp theme on XAMPP server on windows 7. Everything worked just fine until a few days ago. Since then Firefox and IE have great difficulties to update the template files as I modify them. When I click “Show source”, the code no longer updates after a few refreshes… Mostly I have the problem with the “header.php” file.

    Even weirder, when I started a new theme from scratches for testing purposes, Firefox managed to fetch the code of index.php from the previous theme I was working on. It didn’t appear but I noticed that oddity when using the “Show source” option.

    I need to precise that both IE and Firefox are configured NOT to keep any data and I delete temp files on a daily basis. Refreshing techniques such as “shift-refreshing” worked a couple of times. As well as restarting the XAMPP server. But it seems like the problem is getting “stronger” lol.

    If it matters, my PC is protected by antivirus and firewall (ESET Smart Security, legit version not cracked or anything).

    I haven’t had a chance to test on another PC. Right now I deleted a couple of link tags from the head section of my header.php but Firefox keeps showing the older version of that file. IE refreshed well…

    Is it coming from the XAMPP server config? The WP config? my fire-wall? …

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    PS: yes I am working on the correct files 😀
    PS2: I am working on WP 3.4.1
    PS3: updates made to style.css show without any problem.

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