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  • Hi Team,

    First of all thanks for this great plugin. It really cool and usefull but I am suffering a problem with the calendar availability booking days update.

    I want client to reserve with a maximum of 3 days upfront. So I have set a 3 days (Available Booking Days) in the settings. Everything is set and apparently working quite well, but, the problem is that I have notice that sometimes the calendar availability is not uptdated so the calendar only shows 2 days, then 1 day and eventually there is no availability in the booking calendar… This is a serious problem…
    When I notice the problem I enter into the plugin seetings and refresh calendar (in conneted calendar) and the problem is solved. But I cannot do this all the time…

    Another issue that not causing tech problems but maybe it is related with the above is that in the conneted site that is shown is not my current site (url not fine). I have try to change it with different accounts but not working. The thing is that I did testing with your plugin with one url (the one that it is shown now in wappointment account) and later I cloned the page into the final url…


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  • Plugin Contributor Ben



    1 – Basically the automatic refresh of your availability relies on your WordPress’ site scheduled tasks.
    So all you need to do is make sure that your site is running scheduled tasks on time. Here is a guide on how to setup CRON on your website:
    This applies to SiteGround, but the principle will be more or less the same based on your host.

    2 – Regarding the issue of of your registered site in, I don’t think it has any impact and events will be recorded properly anyway. This said if you want to correct that you’ll need to go into your database and remove a record in your wp_options table. Contact us on support[at]wappointment[dot]com


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