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[Resolved] Updates caused mayhem..again

  • Hi I have an online store and not updated for the last 2 times because of previous experiences but decided to because of all the messages I was getting. I’m sorry I updated because lost the slider images,some affiliate banners and most of my pages. I also updated Woocommerce, another big mistake, as I have also lost all my product pages. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN WHENEVER YOU UPDATE!!! I went into virtue theme options and copied the ‘theme code’ and pasted as it says, into the import section, like I did with previous versions, and whammo lost my pages. How can I get it back to what it was before? Please help I am so stressed trying to fix this as don’t really understand why this is and can’t afford to pay someone.
    Is it necessary to update at all? I don’t really see the point if it causes your website to crash and undo all your hard work. I know this is a free Theme and I love the design but I will lose customers if this continues to happen. Please, please help and thanks in advance.

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  • Ok just managed to find a recent back up and got my images and few pages back. Still don’t have any category or product pages though, so only half way there.

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    Which version of the theme were you on previous to updating?

    Woocommerce changed some structure with the recent update and it askes you to do a database update once you install the latest version did you click that?

    Can you send me a login to your site? With each update you shouldn’t have to use the import/export feature, the theme options are saved to the database so when you update they don’t get replaced unless you override them.

    By lost pages? do you mean the menu doesn’t show the pages? The theme can’t delete pages.

    I’m not sure what your doing when you update so can you tell me your process?

    Email a login: ben@kadencethemes.com

    Kadence Themes

    Thanks for getting back to me. The previous theme update was the 2 before 2.0.8 so maybe 6, sorry I am not sure. I now have all the theme components working including the menu pages, it is the category and product pages that are missing.
    I have searched the forums quite thoroughly and it appears the Woocommerce plugin is creating the same issues for many and the best way to solve it is to revert back to previous versions, which I tried and didn’t work, so did a complete re-install of the updated plug in and that didn’t work either.
    I will email you my login ben and thanks again.

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    Emailed you back a response did you get it?

    Kadence Themes

    Thanks Ben and apologies for the delay in my reply. I have forwarded the info to my host to update the mod_security ruleset and hopefully it will be all sorted, if not I have downloaded the Woocommerce jquery fix and will use that.
    Just one other question, when the next update for Virtue arrives do I need to do anything specific to keep the current theme settings active?
    Thanks again and sorry to be a pain.

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    No, just click the update button. You don’t need to do anything in the theme options, everything is saved in the database.


    Am pretty confident that this issue will be resolved and if not will take it to a woocommerce post.
    Thanks again for all your help and de-stressing me 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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