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  • jonbius


    I’ve been using this calendar plugin for a few years on at least fifty sites. Up until the 2.0 version, I never had a single issue. Since the 2.0 upgrade, the pattern has become bad. A version will be released, then correction on top of correction will be released. Some sites never have a problem, others on the same server never work right again. I’ve tried re-installing over and over. Problems range from the plugin simply failing, to issues with showing the correct time zone, display issues, and others. Some of the suggested fixes- like choosing a different calendar theme, only work temporarily (until the next update), or don’t work at all.

    Find another plugin would be my advice. While this plugin is hands down the best in terms of features, it’s lack of stability the last few months has made it a no-go for the sites I develop, because they require a calendar that works all the time. Constant upgrades across fifty sites, poor stability, and simply not working have made this a non-starter for me. I’ve found a replacement and moved on.

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  • darkan9el


    I had issues too, if updating within WP Admin I’d end up in a right mess, my solution was never to update that way but get the latest release from their website and update via FTP, that made updating worry-free for me.

    I also have a small wordpress site that has the plugins I use on some of the live websites I maintain. I use this website to I test updates prior to updating a main site and that also goes a long way to troubleshooting issues prior to “going live” with live website.

    Then, of course, there are plugins playing nicely together, I’ve had several plugins that just did’t work well together and its just a case of deciding which one to keep while the devs can come up with a solution for the other, or as you have done sourcing an alternative.

    I would like to know what your alternative was just in case I need an alternative, if you wouldn’t mind PM’ing me that info I’d appreciate it.



    Hey darkan9el. I don’t see a way to PM you. Email me at [edited]



    I couldn’t agree more. As a business owner, it’s embarrassing the frequency this plugin fails. The dev called us and asked us to upgrade to their advertising version ($150+ a month) — we don’t advertise at all so doesn’t make sense. However, the call wreaked of desperation. If the dev was just upfront this wouldn’t be an issue, but the jerking along is disappointing.

    jeffrey wilcox


    Hi all,

    We have been investing heavily in Q/A and stability over the past few months. 2.1.9 is very stable and 2.2, coming next week is another large improvement. I hope you can give it another shot. Your feedback on it is appreciated.

    @chicagozen, we don’t have a $150 month product, but we do have an Enterprise level product that has many happy users.



    Thanks Jeffrey. I appreciate hearing from you. We still have the plugin installed on 35+ sites, so I will be able to evaluate stability based on those sites. I do hope the excellent stability of the pre-2.0 plugin can be achieved. As I mentioned, I believe your plugin to be the best in terms of features, and usability. Yet as you well know- you’re in the hot seat!- the stability of a plugin is critical. If it were one or two sites, I could probably massage things enough to handle. But with around 200 WordPress installs, remote management is essential, and the upgrades have to be pretty much bullet proof for any plugin we use. With nearly a quarter of our sites using AIOEC, a hiccup on the upgrade compounds very, very quickly..

    I look forward to seeing 2.2! I’ll let you know how it works on our sites.

    Thanks again for the reply, and have a great day.

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