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  • After the latest plugin update, the forms no longer display properly and will require entirely new css to fix.

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  • Plugin Author LindzConnell


    In cases where a customer / developer has customized dsIDXpress with CSS, there may be updates that we release that will require you to update your custom CSS as well.

    Unfortunately, there is little we can do to limit the effects our updates may have based on customizations made to the product. However, it is not often that updates will impact you in this manner.

    The updates we release are generally for bug fixes as well as improvements to the overall presentation and functionality of dsIDXpress.

    Thank you,

    Lindz Connell
    Diverse Solutions Team

    LindzConnell your totally wrong, I have been using WordPress since it has been developed and you don’t fix a bug to create more issues in this case another bug. Then tell everyone that needs to get has needs to re-code the css that there is nothing they that you can do unless they hire a developer to do so. Whoever wrote the update code should be fired for not property updating the code my page is destroyed also.

    Plugin Author LindzConnell



    The changes we made, in this case, were to the design. That is why it impacted both you and Matt. It’s when design changes are made that issues like these arise. Bug fixes should not, in most cases, impact customizations.

    We will continue to improve our products design and functionality. And as we do, those changes have a chance to impact customizations you make to the product. There is not a way for us to ensure that every customization a developer makes to our product will be compatible with future versions.

    It is the developers responsibility to ensure they too continue with maintenance to ensure the look and functionality continue to work properly with upgraded versions.



    I also had my Web site broken by the CSS change. While I have no issue with design improvements being made by the vendor–in this case it was to address responsiveness of the design, I do take issue with the way this change was handled. There was simply a mention of the Search Widget being redesigned; there was NO mention of CSS changes that might affect customizations.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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