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  • My dates are being displayed, but they are not up to date. I added a new show and made changes to an old show, but they are not being displayed on my web site. If I look at the xml feed I have configured for ArtistDataPress, it shows all the correct information.

    Why is ArtistDataPress not picking up the changes?

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  • Sorry– should have given the web site:

    Here is he ArtistData profile showing the correct dates:

    Note that when you look at my web site it still shows 4/5 as a future date even though that was two days ago.

    I saw that you added caching to v0.6 — it seems likely that this is broken.

    I saw that the plugin also supports a different feed format:

    I popped that in and now my updated show list is being displayed.

    I am not sure this really solves the problem, though, if that stays cached indefinitely.

    How do I disable the caching? At least, please show me how to clear the cache.

    As I suspected, the cache is not refreshing. I updated a show over an hour ago and the update still does not appear on my site. Please help!

    Hi, i’m having the same problem. The xml widget is configurated correctly in the widget, but the data are shown with 1st ganuary. Somebody can help me? That’s my site:

    Developer – More frequent cache refreshing would be great. Maybe every 15 minutes? I would expect my website to be updated nearly instantly when updating or adding shows to artistdata.

    Is it or could it be possible for the user to initiate a refresh of their data when more instantaneous results are needed?

    I had to hack the plugin to disable the cache.

    Hey developer– thanks very much for the plugin. I really do love it! Any chance you could take a look at this issue?

    Can you share the hack?

    Can you share the hack?

    I just commented out the line in artistdatapress.php that loads info from the cache. In my version of the plugin, it is line 797:

    // $xml = get_transient( ‘adp_’ . $key );

    It has been quite a while, but I think that is all I did.

    Thanks ever so much folks and especially ekspress – I had the same problem re above:

    “Note that when you look at my web site it still shows 4/5 as a future date even though that was two days ago. “

    A quick edit of the PHP file as suggested by ekspress to add a couple of slashes to comment out that line, and my ‘future show’ with a date in the past is gone. Ace!

    Hope that helps others with the same problem

    I commented out the line suggested above, but my site is still not syncing up with the XML feed from ArtistData. It appears that new dates are appearing, but updates to existing dates are not. I would rather not have my client have to delete a date and re-enter into ArtistData, instead have updates propagate correctly.

    Any thoughts? Note, I have .71 installed.

    I’m afraid I don’t know what would cause that. I’m still running 0.60. I tried to update to 0.71 but after updating things weren’t displaying correctly for me any more so I rolled back.

    After mucking around with the code for some time, I believe I found a fix. The commented line is the original, the one below is the update.

    //set_transient( 'adp_' . $key, $xml, HOUR_IN_SECONDS );
    				set_transient( $xml, HOUR_IN_SECONDS );

    I am no PHP expert, but once I made this change, updates were appearing on our site immediately.

    Another quirk I noticed is that if the ticket purchase URL (<ticketURI>) and price (<ticketPrice>) are not entered into ArtistData, the ticket link will not appear on the site.

    Hope this helps.

    That did not work for me. This is quite annoying. There NEEDS to be a feature to set how often it checks for new dates. I updated shows 3 hours ago and still nothing new on the website.

    It still takes a few hours to update. The fix that I implemented doesn’t allow for instant updates. However, since I amended the code, I have had no issues with new dates and updates appearing successfully.

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