• Hey gang! I realize I’ve been pretty quiet for a while and for that I apologize.

    But know I’m back on the job and want to whip the plugin into shape.

    Just be patient with me. There may be multiple updates coming up in swift succession as I try to get fixes out as quickly as possible.



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  • The boss upgraded one of our clients sites to 4.7 and then gave me the exciting job of making the site load again. 😉

    I’m not a wordpress guru but did find a work-around that got our site loading. This is a temporary solution that worked for us until the plugin is updated. I do recommend using the solution provided by the plugin developer once it’s available and reverting changes to category-template.php.

    2 files needed to be changed but the first one got the site loading with minor issues.

    In file:

    I commented out the following line (around line 1448)
    changed from:
    'post_type' => $taxonomy,
    //'post_type' => $taxonomy,

    This got our pages loading but we noticed strange results in some of our queries.

    I traced this back to what looks like a function that was grabbing cached terms

    In this file:

    I changed the get_the_terms function (around line 1159). I basically made sure the terms were new instead of using the cache. This may or may not have to be done. It may have been related to me moving the site to another server or something like that.

    $terms = get_object_term_cache( $post->ID, $taxonomy );
    if ( false === $terms ) {
    $terms = wp_get_object_terms( $post->ID, $taxonomy );
    if ( ! is_wp_error( $terms ) ) {
    $term_ids = wp_list_pluck( $terms, ‘term_id’ );
    wp_cache_add( $post->ID, $term_ids, $taxonomy . ‘_relationships’ );

    //$terms = get_object_term_cache( $post->ID, $taxonomy );
    //if ( false === $terms ) {
    $terms = wp_get_object_terms( $post->ID, $taxonomy );
    if ( ! is_wp_error( $terms ) ) {
    $term_ids = wp_list_pluck( $terms, ‘term_id’ );
    wp_cache_add( $post->ID, $term_ids, $taxonomy . ‘_relationships’ );

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    Thanks for this solution @killsig. It didn’t work for me. Anyone else have anything to offer? I wish the author wasn’t so silent on this. I just reverted back to the previous version of WP thinking the author would have a fix quickly, but obviously, that’s not the case.

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    Your plugin has been what I’ve been searching for! We can def do more work together! Really need your update!

    Also waiting for the update for 4.7, any hints when this wil be done? I have a site in development which makes use of CTP-onomies and have issues on things that worked properly before. The plugin itself is so great and useful!

    When is this update coming? My client is using this and it is very frustrating that the checkboxes are still all being checked. Using the dropdown is not an option. Messing with the plugin is not an option. The only option is that the author fix this asap. Please respond with an update on this issue that everyone seems to be having!


    I do love the plugin, but the taxonomies selecting themselves thing is getting annoying. It never happened before, so I assume it’s a wordpress update effect…

    Fix for this soon?

    Any news? Temp. solution doesn’t work for me.

    I have an alternative solution for some of you if you’re still looking for how to use content types as taxonomies. I too am a huge fan of CPT-onomies and Rachel’s work in general, but I’ve had to find another way to do what I did with the plugin. I’ve been planning on writing a blog post about it, but I’m still pretty slammed with coding a project, in which I used the following alternative:

    I use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin with the Relationship field (https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/relationship/), though technically you can use the Post Object field as well. You’ll have to do a little custom coding based on their tutorials and posts to apply the filtering on the front end or in the Rest API (there’s plugin adding ACF fields to the API too if you need https://wordpress.org/plugins/acf-to-rest-api/), and you can even get even get bidirectional relationships set up easily. (https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/bidirectional-relationships/)

    It’s a different model, but it can work for what you need. Good luck! (Sorry, Rachel, but I had to share how I adapted. Hope all is well!)

    @akhanukov – this solution worked perfectly for me and I think has much more longevity to it. It only took a few minutes of reprogramming my theme and then a boat load of reassigning each post to a related post, but I feel more comfortable with this permanent solution versus temporary fixes that may break with a new WP update. Thanks!



    We are eager to upgrade to 4.7 due the exposed security vulnerabilities….but I am patiently waiting for this update…Cant update Core until this plugin is compatible!!!

    Every term is checked on every post after upgrade. I cant uncheck them.

    @raymondolah – yes. i’m running into the same issue with the checked terms.

    Hi all! I’m working on it every hour here and there that I can spare. Dug around tonight for a little bit. What’s odd is that I can check the boxes/assign terms, which seems to be the most reported issue. But I am seeing the issues with the cache. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort it out this weekend. Thanks for being patient with me.



    @bamadesigner — thanks for the reply Rachel. If you cannot replicate the checked terms bug in your dev environment, let me know and I will set you up with admin access to our staging location. Best of luck!

    @raymondolah That would be most helpful. You can give me a username of bamadesigner at the same name @gmail.com. Thanks!

    @akhanukov i think i am going to use ACF also, as if future wp updates break the plugin again, it will break the project i am working on which is very big, so i cannot take this risk.
    i tried the snippet for bidirectional relationship field, but the example show it between posts in the same CPT, it doesn’t seem to work this way between to different CPT

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