• Every updates destroy anything of the previous. Why!!!? In this version, thousands of my subscribers become inactive. And there is no way to active them except making them active one by one!!

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    Darius, thanks for sharing your fear. We hear you.

    Things sometime break with MailPoet because:

    1. There are numerous browser versions
    2. There are dozens of email clients
    3. There are over ten versions of PHP used
    4. There are plenty of database versions with various encoding
    5. Because other plugins break MailPoet
    6. Because WordPress updates also break MailPoet
    7. Hundreds of server configurations and limitations

    All of the above creates an infinite number of conditions which is impossible to replicate.

    This is what we do internally to make sure we have a fairly high standard quality assurance (QA) process on each release:

    A. Each issue is tested by our QA colleague
    B. Developers and product managers also test some of the changes, but not all
    C. We have automated PHP tests
    D. We have a few acceptance tests (automated browser tests of the UI)
    E. We release weekly (which is often), to reduce the number of large changes on each update which in turns reduces risk
    F. We prioritize bug fixes on each release that is reported to our support team
    G. We stopped supporting PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5. We’re thrilled to know WordPress will stop supporting 5.6 and 7.0 in 2019.

    We plan on extending point D in 2019.

    We average around 2 emergency releases per quarter when an update introduces bugs in too many of our nearly 90,000 active websites. We’ve done strides already, but we can do better.

    In regards to your own issue, simply contact our support for free, and we’ll happily get you sorted:


    Cheers, Kim and the team

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    Now in the last update we can’t use the editor at all!! The modules doesn’t work. Any updates causes some new issues. the previous was the duplicates of modules and problems on editor. It falls down version by version. Is there any way for us to migrate to previous nice version? thanks.

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