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  1. Keepa
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I run a lot of series on my blog, so tend to have many (currently 644) draft posts in the queue, which I edit frequently, usually to add links to the published installments. I also edit the earliest installments to add links to the later-published installments.

    I know I'm klutzy, but I keep hitting the "publish" button on my drafts instead of the "save draft" or button. I think I know why: After getting into the habit of clicking "update" on the updated published posts, my hand goes automatically to that point on the screen even after I move to revising the still-draft posts.

    It would help klutzes like me if the dashboard were redesigned slightly so that "save draft" and "update" -- closely related "save changes" activities -- were in one place (say, in the current "save draft" location), while "publish" -- a very different activity that saving modifications -- were in a different place (say, in its current location).

    I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere; searching the forum for terms like "save" and "publish" and "draft" yielded far too many hits to sort through. Love love love WordPress!

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