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    I’ll preface this by saying I am new to wordpress and am learning as I go. I hastily updated WP today and right as I clicked “update” I noticed that there was a theme update available as well. In the future I will make sure I update the themes before updating wordpress.

    I’m using a Twenty Eleven child theme and now I am unable to access the admin. The site appears to be working just fine though. I have tried disabling all plugins via renaming the folder in FTP but that did not remedy the situation. I cannot access the about.php page.

    Looking for some help if anyone doesn’t mind helping a noob.

    The site is

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    Check again:

    It works fine.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that about page. I was looking through the sticky about problems updating wordpress and going through the checklist. This is the about page I meant:

    “Go to your own install’s about page – – to see what’s new.”

    I cannot access that page and get a “this is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?” error just the same as when I try to login to the admin.

    The only way I could access your login page was through

    I doubt that will let you into the admin panel… I’m thinking you will have to default to the parent theme, using ftp. And go from there.
    the final post explains how to do that.

    Just renamed all directories except twentyten and all I get now is a blank page when I go to the site. It doesn’t seem like it’s loading twentyten. I also have pagelines installed and I tried renaming all other themes except that one. Same blank page.

    I’ll leave it like this for a few minutes for anyone looking to help me out.

    Does it sound like this issue was caused by my not upgrading themes before upgrading wordpress? If so, is there a manual way via FTP to upgrade the twenty eleven theme?




    FTP into your hosting account, rename (or delete) the existing Twenty Eleven and upload a freshly downloaded copy of Twenty Eleven.

    Ok, so looking at the download page for twentyeleven it says it was last updated 6/13/2012. I didn’t even start using wordpress until August, so I’m thinking I must have the most up to date version of the theme.

    Perhaps I was mistaken when I thought I saw a theme needing an update as I was updating WP.

    So far I have tried:
    -disabling all plugins by renaming the plugins folder and creating an empty properly named folder
    -renaming all theme directories with a period for a prefix except twentyten

    I really appreciate the help with this! You have no idea.

    Any more suggestions?

    – last post says “re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh download of WordPress”

    As far as I can tell, if that doesn’t work its time to ask the host for their latest back-up if you don’t have one of your own to work from.

    I took the advice in a post on this page

    and called Godaddy. They got the databases to match without me having to do a thing. Everything works great now. I just told them that there could be an issue with the database numbers from the version…blah…blah and although it made no sense to me it was enough for their tech support guy to know exactly what needed to be done.

    I’ll be doing all my wordpress upgrading through godaddy’s site going forward and not from the WP admin. It sounds like when I upgraded through WP admin it didn’t communicate to godaddy.

    Anyway, problem solved.

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