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    Everything looked and worked fine until the recent plugin update. Now the “floater” shows up on the right side of the screen in IE and blocks the content. It seems to be okay in Firefox and Chrome and shows up on the left where it should be. I had to disable that function because it looks pretty bad enabled.

    Hopefully the developer will fix that issue in a future update. But I also understand the problem could be due to the fact that IE just sucks as a browser!

    Overall this is a good plug in

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  • It’s not the developer, it’s IE and their desire to dictate the way page design and layout should be. I have never seen such a pos platform that ignores css in almost every design aspect. I would say it ‘sucks’ as a browser but that’s not the word I would use. Death to IE!

    It works fine in IE for me, but firefox is all screwed up. On the index I see it on the right side and inside blog posts it covers up mu content….

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