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  • Greetings Everyone!

    I am a huge fan of WordPress and how open everything is and most problems I can usually find an answer for. However, This problem has me a bit stumped as any answer’s I am finding either don’t fully apply or for older wordpress’s and no longer work.
    (and I have tried searching)

    I have a friend who has site running on wordpress.
    He now would like me to setup with the exact same content that SiteA has but with a different theme and no extra work.
    So when he makes, edits, or deletes a post on then the same thing happen’s on (Sounds like using the same DB). preferably also using the same credentials (but that’s not a huge issue if it doesn’t, mainly just content mirroring)

    I have a background on DataBases so getting my hands dirty on SQL code won’t be an issue there but as how I will get wordpress to do this has me a bit lost.
    Also, I am aware of the potential SEO hit.

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