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    I just updated to WordPress 6.2.1 and noticed that the shortcodes I’m using in my block theme single template are no longer working.

    I saw something related to block themes and shortcodes in the release notes, but I wasn’t sure what it meant:

    Block themes parsing shortcodes in user generated data; thanks to Liam Gladdy of WP Engine for reporting this issue

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  • I can confirm that this is happening. I have a template that includes a GravityForms block, which generates a shortcode for insertion.

    It works on normal pages, and even works on the admin for the template, but for the public render of the page, it just shows the shortcode.

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    Thanks @rbrunskill I’m glad it’s not just me

    If necessary, you can roll back the site to 6.2.

    I’m having this problem, too. Plugins showing shortcodes.

    Can anyone point me to a guide on rolling back? I literally just launched my site today 🙁

    Thanks for any help.

    I, too, have this issue. Waiting for a solution. Will likely roll back to 6.2 for now. Thank you @rbrunskill for posting this. I would still be groping if it wasn’t for you.

    Hello there

    Got the same issue this morning after updates ; ouch didn’t help my Coffee addiction ‘^^
    I am using twtwthree and I have two of my short codes ( the ones in the templates, not in the pages ) who were broken.

    I tried the solution to make the short code blocs as block template parts as explained petitphp in
    and it happily solved the problem.


    Hi everyone! Same problem for me: after the WP update from 6.1 to 6.1.2 or from 6.2 to 6.2.1, all my shortcodes I have used in Twenty-Twenty Two or Three templates page stopped to work. I had to downgrade to 6.1’s or 6.2’s WP versions of my four sites where I used these.

    Waiting for a solution… pleeeease! 🙂


    Hi All, I tried with the Template Part suggestion and this is bringing back the result hwoever it is adding the spaces padding for both in the header and footer area.

    My Shortcodes is just trying to call the header and footer in my custom-built theme. Could You please suggest how I can fix this.,


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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