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  • I’m having the exact same issue!


    Have the same problem.

    The google map link in the eventdetail (frontend) is okay.

    I subscribe this thread.

    +1 here

    This is what worked for me…

    For some reason it was looking for a “event-map.php” which was no where to be found in the new version. Found a github doc of the php @:

    After I copied and pasted into my own event-map.php file, I uploaded to /the-events-calendar/admin-views/event-map.php

    Now working

    I created /the-events-calendar/admin-views/event-map.php as you said and mine’s still not working. Turned off all caching and cleared browser cache.

    What logs were you looking at to see where the code was looking for the missing event-map.php file?

    To be honest, I’m not 100% sure where I remember seeing something about “event-map.php”

    I think it was in public/template-tags and I set a false value to true to test. It then errored out saying it couldn’t locate that file, I believe.

    However, looking at your source it looks like there is something more going on:

    <div id="tribe-events-gmap-<span class=&quot;dms_upd&quot;>An error occurred while updating %1$s: <strong>%2$s</strong></span>" style="height: 350px; width: 100%; margin-bottom: 15px"></div>

    Wow nice find!! I searched the plugin for where that partial id “tribe-events-gmap-” was coming from. I found it in wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/modules/map.php.

    That file is responsible for creating the container div for the embedded map on single event and venue pages. In the comments at the top of that file, it gave instructions for overriding it in your own theme. I did that here: wp-content/themes/custom-child-theme/tribe-events/modules/map.php.

    It appears that my theme (Pagelines DMS 2) has a conflict with the esc_attr_e function accepting an integer parameter as it’s creating the div’s id: tribe-events-gmap-<?php esc_attr_e( $index ) ?>. In my case, $index was an integer, so I casted it as a string like so: <div id="tribe-events-gmap-<?php esc_attr_e( (string)$index ) ?>" style="<?php esc_attr_e( $style ) ?>"></div>. That did the trick.

    I’ll note that I still required the missing file event-map.php.



    Howdy all,

    Does this snippet fix things? Paste it in your theme’s functions.php. If so, this is something we are addressing very quickly in our next release.

    – Brook



    Hi Brook,

    Yes, that fixes it! (Though, 350px is too tall for my site — will we be able to adjust the height in the plugin admin?)





    The easiest way to adjust it will actually be that snippet. Feel free to change the 350px to a different figure.

    – Brook



    I did do so for testing purposes, but I assumed that snippet wasn’t long term since you’re updating the plugin. Are you suggesting I have duplicate code in my functions file?

    Thanks for the hack.

    i included the code on the end of the plugin file “the-events-calendar.class.php”

    that works.

    when the plugin is upgrading the file will be upgraded too and the problem is solved. i think 😉

    thanks for the time of coding …



    GOod question. You should be able to use that snippet long term if you want to change the height. It is a great way to go about it.

    If you do not want to change the height you should eventually be able to remove the snippet from your theme once the bug is patched.

    – Brook

    With the new update everything seems to be fine. thanks brook.

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Thanks for letting us know Es piaT! Glad to hear it.


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