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    In the backend, product attributes management allowed creation of text type attributes before.
    Now the type field is not shown anymore in the add new attribute box.

    The only way left to create a text attribute is in the product management.

    I was able to create global text attribute before and the wp_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies database table still shows them as text type.

    I could not find any mention of this change of behavior in the documentation or 3.3.1 release notes.

    I need to have global text attributes, should I rollback?

    Please advise

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  • Plugin Author Gerhard Potgieter


    Attributes are text always, they only switch to select boxes when you use them for variations and create variations for a product based on the specific attributes.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Just to add, the setting only affected product admin, never the frontend. You can still create new attributes using the ‘add attribute’ button when editing a product.

    This was not a good soultion.

    I have an affiliate shop and one of my product fields is the EAN Code. So i have to click anytime add button, put in the ean code, safe.

    I cant understand why you remove such a function. I can not believe that you have received a lot of support tickets with the note: please delete the text field, it bothers me

    My problem is: I have created an affiliate shop for bluray with woocommerce.
    My users can also enter in the frontend movies in the database.
    Before, I could simply mark and copy text fields. this is not possible anymore. because it is now a selection box. Now I have to type certain fields with difficulty, because I need the input for other fields.

    Very bad update, sorry

    Caleb Burks


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    It sounds like you weren’t using the best tool for the job. If the attribute term is used on only a specific like that, then you should use custom attributes that are defined at the product level.

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    Gerhard: What I have observed is different. With the previous version I have created text type attributes that were working fine.
    Since I updated to 3.3.1 I can NOT create new global attribute of text type. The select box text/select is not present in the add new attribute form anymore.
    When creating or editing product and adding an text type attribute from the global list (still is set as test in the database) it behave as a select type and only allows me to add a value as a select choice which will be saved as a new value in the attribute’s configured terms.
    None of these attributes are used for variation. Could there be a unintended behavior there (bug)?
    I find you are a bit quick on setting this as resolved or do you mean I have to live with this flaw?
    Kind regards.

    I agree with @cexpert and regret that this “text” attributes is no longer available, or is it really intended as I dont see any change log mentioning this removal? And how is the status of this thread change to “resolved” as I dont see any solution here.

    Seems like no authority here really understood that a simple “text” attributes could provide us with ease of use and efficient input method. In my case, i am using text attributes to input the model of watches like “8506MDBBRBA” that specific for each watches, so “select” type wont do any good here other than piled up uselessly inside the attributes page.

    Now, can anyone give a statement this feature is really gone forever or might have any chance to be brought back?


    I agree with both felixchendy and cexpert. The global text attribute is useful for import and export as well – My products have attributes that need to be expressed as text, it’s simple as that. It used to be a feature and it was removed without mention or good excuse. I don’t see how this is an improvment.

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    This has been a giant headache for us too. We have over 20,000 products that have already made use of the custom attributes. We are now being forced to downgrade because porting them into “custom attributes” would be a large pain in the ass. We really need the text attribute back.

    Thread Starter cexpert


    Yes, why not consider this change as unplanned and a mistake?

    Can we just get this back the way it was working nicely before?

    What is the challenge here?

    Guys, this issue is very-very confusing, please could you do something regarding this, or offer an other solution to put text attributes under our products in a webshop?

    I’m selling unique products, so the customer have to tell me what would see on the label…

    Is it possible to solve this in the near future?

    Thanks in advance




    Hey buddy. We ended up having to migrate all of the data into the standard WordPress post meta for our use. It was a pain, but at least this way we won’t have to worry about unexpected changes like these.

    They do offer the ability for you to set a custom attribute for each product.
    Do you have a ton of products where it would be a hassle to do that manually?


    Dear Reece,

    I’ve products based on unique designs. The customer can choose what label, for example his/her name or a quote should be on the product. In this case I can’t solve this, that the customer could fill a field as he like.

    Do you have any other solution for this?





    I think you might be in the wrong thread. This is for back end custom text attributes, which were recently replaced with drop down forms.

    However, either of these should solve your problem:

    Unless I am misunderstanding you still. Hope this helps you.

    Please tell me this will be rolled back. It’s almost as if the developers aren’t actually using this in the real world. I have products with the need for a custom string. This has worked fine until now.

    I dealt with the hassle that I had to add All the attributes each time to a product (yet another example of non-real world usage), but this is just too much. I also understand that I can make a “template”, but that is just a hack for what should be an option.

    Sorry if I’m sounding saucy, but I’m just flabbergasted that enough people thought this was a good idea to go live with it.

    Same problem.

    Really don’t know why remove the text type?

    Finding the downgrade mode now….

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