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  • I revisited my own ‘FastTrack’ theme and fixed some of the issues with it and released the new version now.

    Issues Fixed :
    1. Issues with the header.php where it caused problems with the gallery plugins.
    2. comments.php is included in this theme now, instead of relying on the default theme’s comments.php
    The comments also look nicer in this version (I think !)
    3. The navigation is driven by the pages you create within wordpress, and are not hard coded anymore.
    4. It does not show the bullet next to the heading ‘Pages’ in the sidebar

    Please go to FastTrack 2.0 and get your copy now.

    Try it out and let me know if you have any issues.

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  • Very sexy looking template sadish, I will certainly give this a whirl on one of my personal blogs. Cheers. 🙂

    Thanks devilmaycry. let me know once you have it online.

    anyone tried this version ? any feedback ?


    Super theme – very flexible. I tried it out pretty hard and can’t find any real problems. I may have to permanently replace my K2 theme.

    Ok Sadish, here’s my feedback.

    The theme is tight and well rounded like one expects from an award-winning WP theme designer like yourself.

    In my opinion, the main column is too wide, especially with such a small font. I think it is a big (impossible) challenge to write for such a wide main column, you would have to be Shakespeare to make the post look ‘meaty’. Also, pictures posted wide would be too big.

    In my opinion your new FasTrack theme could use a third ‘track’, a second sidebar to the right, which would make the main column narrower and give more commercial flexibility on the two sidebars. A 300px box could be placed on top of the two right sidebars. I can guarantee that the demand for a three column Fastrack like that would be phenomenal, just look at the real professional blogs, it’s very difficult to see one that doesn’t conform to this main column / two sidebars on the right design. Check out,, engadget, etc.

    Also, the header and footer are too thick, especially with no breathing room at the end, they just connect to the end of the page which again, limits commercial possibilities (like adding a banner). The important links on the header are on a strip that is too narrow and close to the top limit of the page. Finally, IMHO the titles are also too small, users only stay for seconds on a blog, and they need bigger, nicer titles with more appealing fonts. Implementing nice fonts using the system would be a huge plus. Then there are little things, like I believe “send this post to a friend” link at the bottom of each post should be standard, etc. Another little thing, on the sidebar, the text goes too close to the right boundary, there should be more white and a breather there, especially since the sidebar is very wide.

    Thanks Samboll& bolonki.

    wow. what a nice write up. I really thank you for taking the time to write it down.
    Even though I cannot implement all of what you said, I will have it in mind when developing the next version or when developing a new theme.

    ‘send this post to a friend’ is a nice idea, and I personally wished WordPress will do it in their core system itself.
    Most often, this could be achieved with a plugin, but I want to keep the themes with just one click install.

    but with the new functions.php in the latest wordpress, it would be possible to include this plugin within the theme itself not needing the people to install the plugin separately. I will think about it.

    I am actually writing a series on ‘notes to theme authors’ in
    I think I might use some of your inputs in the upcoming writeups.

    Building a 3 column theme, has been a request from many of the people and even I am developing something in the background, but still I am not ready to release it.
    It is very tedious to make it look consistent across browsers.

    Thanks again, and I will try to include your options in the upcoming themes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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