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  • Hi, I’m curious what happens when the original language post or page is updated? Will the translated pages and posts be updated automatically? How exactly it works?


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  • Hello WP World . . .

    Will someone please tell me how to create a new post/query on WP Forum?

    I have now spent all day trying to find a way to post a question on this WP forum (why is it so difficult to even post a question on this forum?!).

    The only “solution” I have found after many hours has been to find a query with a space to reply (this message here).

    I’ve been using WP for many years now, and went to update my site a week or so ago and ever since the entire site has stopped working. Here are some of the major issues:

    1. My original Homepage has vanished! Gone. Not a trace of it anywhere.

    2. So I created a new “homepage” from one of my other pages.

    3. However, it, too, has all kinds of problems, including not accepting any changes I make.

    4. The only page that now shows up has nothing but a bunch of topic words (I used for menu items) splashed all over the so-called “homepage.” The words look like live links, but nothing happens when clicked.

    5. I changed the theme to see if that might help. No. Exactly the same problem occurs.

    6. Nowhere could I find any help or support from WP for these issues. As I said, I COULDN’T EVEN FIND A PLACE IN THE SUPPORT FORUM TO POST THIS QUERY/PLEA FOR HELP.


    8. Why doesn’t WP provide phone support so users can talk directly to a human and get issues like this resolved relatively quickly — instead of spending days/weeks trying to find solutions online?

    I think I remember seeing somewhere not to include the URL for problem sites — but that’s the only way for people to actually see what the problem is. So I’m including a link to my site:

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