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  • UPDATED this to five stars as that is the value of the plugin. The update itself was not five stars… Our original review is below but we are happy to be able to update it to a five star product.

    Updated early this morning and it completely busted our large e-commerce site.

    Busted it so bad we couldn’t get back to the admin panel to roll it back. Had to get our hosting company to intervene and restore our website from back up. Your plugin fix came too late to help us in this situation.

    We were completely off line for an hour. This is about the worst thing that could happen to a commerce website. This will affect return visitors to our site all day(s) if they don’t refresh their browser. Not impressed.

    You listed it as as 100% compliant but it is evident more testing was needed before rolling out this update.

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  • Next time go via FTP and delete the Heartbeat Control (or any other broken plugin) plugin folder.


    Website should be back on right away.

    Plugin Author Jeff Matson


    @thelastbestwest @wpdreamer Yup. The issues only existed within the plugin files and don’t impact anything else on your site. There shouldn’t be a “next time”, but if you ever see anything like this with any of my plugins or someone else’s, you can just pull the plugin from the wp-content/plugins directory to fix it.

    If you wouldn’t mind, I would appreciate it if you could update your review once you update to the fully functional version. I develop this plugin entirely in my free time without any compensation whatsoever, so reviews are my source of motivation to continue anything with it. I enjoy helping you all out, but when backlash like this happens, it’s rather disheartening.

    Thread Starter thelastbestwest


    First off: Facts don’t care about feelings.

    I don’t want to discourage you, but it is unprofessional to talk about your feelings being hurt. What about our clients feelings when they couldn’t access our website, or their account? What impression do you think they had of our business?

    Yes you did respond quickly to the troubled update, and apparently corrected it.

    We have not retried the plugin and have de-activated it. We will try it again, after testing.

    We were very pleased with your plugin and it does fill a need with word press. So we would like to encourage you with a donation of 50 dollars.

    The plugin itself is worthy of 5 STARS.

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