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  • Hi,

    I have just updated all plugins and wordpress, including nextgen gallery plugin, and I have lost all the previous gallery settings – such as the lightbox effect, image browsing, and the information which was displayed on each image. I have tried to re-establish previous settings in the gallery settings, but when I try to change anything in “further options” I get an error page on my browser. I know I was foolish to update things without first saving current version of my site locally, though I do have an external backup if necessary. Anyone have any idea how to change gallery settings?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author photocrati


    @lupiloon – The “Other Options” (further options?) should be able to be saved without issue unless there is a conflict with another plugin or your current theme but this is a very rare occurrence. Have you tried checking if that is the case before you go through any restoration processes?

    – Cais.

    Hi Cais,

    Thanks for your prompt reply – I’m not sure I understand what you mean though – maybe I didn’t explain myself – previously in my gallery, for example, when an thumbnail was opened, a lightbox-type gallery opened where you could flick through the images one by one, and each image had titles and info displayed in the border of the image. Now, when a thumbnail is opened, it simply opens the individual image in a separate page, with no options to browse through the images and no info displayed (title etc). I am not sure which “other options” controls any of these settings (the new version of the gallery plugin and the new version of WP being all unfamiliar to me!!), but when I try to tweak things to see if I can discover how to reset the gallery settings, it gives me the error page.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lupiloon – Did you check to see if any of your other plugins are creating a conflict with the current version of NextGEN Gallery?

    If you do not find another plugin causing this to happen, please feel free to submit a Bug Report ( … please reference this topic) so we can help you get this sorted out.

    We will need log in and FTP credentials for your WordPress installation as well, please include those with the Bug Report, too.


    – Cais.

    Hi again,

    I am not sure as to how to check whether any of the other plugins are causing the problem – do I disable them all and see what happens?

    I’ll try that and then I will submit a bug report if I get no further: I have opened a ticket with my host too. Can you please also clarify what you mean by FTP credentials?

    Thanks again!


    I have resolved some issues with my hosting security settings, which i think was part of the problem; I have deactivated all plugins other than NextGEN; the lightbox effect is still not working but I am now able to tweak some settings. I am now getting a message on my plugin page saying –

    WARNING: NextGEN Gallery Stylesheet NOT Upgrade-safe

    nggallery.css is currently stored in /home/www/, which isn’t upgrade-safe. Please move the stylesheet to /home/www/ to ensure that your customizations persist after updates.

    This seems like it might be the key to the problem – only I have no idea how to move files, or where they are!! I am assuming they are not local to my computer (because I can’t find them in my wordpress folder locally), so there must be somewhere on the wordpress dashboard – but I’m not sure – help!!??

    I have also tried changing to 2014 theme – still not lightbox feature. Also, new galleries that I have created with new images are not appearing. It’s all a complete mess 🙁

    Can anyone help?


    One more thing!

    How do I get rid of the “meta data” (all the info about the camera that took the photo, date, aperture etc… I don’t need this!!)

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @lupiloon – The meta data you are seeing is part of the image file itself. If you are seeing this in a NextGEN Gallery display then you most likely have chosen to display the images’ EXIF data via a template.

    If you are seeing this through the theme’s image output that is completely within the theme’s code and something you would be best taking up with its author … or seeking assistance in its appropriate forum.

    Did you ever submit a Bug Report as I suggested previously? I don’t recall seeing one connected to this topic.


    – Cais.

    Hi Cais, thanks for your help and sorry I am such a dope when it comes to wp! I’m not sure how to submit a bug report…

    As for the meta data – I figured that one out – it was to do with using a template. I was trying all the different settings out to see what would work. I have had the gallery and lightbox effect working sporadically on both my own customised 2011 theme and the default 2014 theme – but it has been very inconsistent. As in, works one minute and then not the next – even works for some images in one gallery and not for others. REALLY odd. And frustrating. I am considering buying the NextGEN pro version – would you recommend this? Will I be able to get it working with technical support?

    Thanks again,

    Sorry to bother you again – I am trying to find out, but no joy – how do I submit a bug report?

    L 🙂

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