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  • The installation of the new version (5.5.10) of MAMP seemed to go fine on my MacBook until I tried to open the local WordPress site I was using on the previous version of MAMP. I’ve been working on this problem for more than 4 hours. I’m able to start the servers and open localhost:8888 which gives me the html version of my site’s home page with no CSS from the WordPress site working. I’m not even sure how to describe the problem I’m having. I just know that I was able to login to a local WordPress site using the old version of MAMP and now I can’t figure out how to log back into WordPress again in the new version. Can anyone help me figure this out.

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  • Hi, I would check web server’s error_log and enable WP’s debugging

    # this goes into wp-config.php
    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', true);

    Definitely more debugging info would be helpful but if you can’t log in you will not be able to install any plugins. Is it an option for you to start from scratch?

    Thanks for your responses michalzuber and 2by2host. I’m new to working with the behind the scenes parts of WordPress but I will look into the debugging information. I think I could start from scratch and reinstall WordPress, I just don’t know what to do to get all the work I’ve done on a child theme back into the install. Does that make sense? I created a child theme of the theme Canvas and did all sorts of updating and changing of things to personalize the site for a client. Is that all lost now?

    In think case make sure you backup your database and files before a fresh install (make sure the new version is the same as the one you currently have) then try to re-import your DB. This is something a developer would be able to help with.

    Ok, 2by2host. I will back everything up and the try a new install. Then I will try and figure out how to reimport the DB. I don’t know any developers who can help me but I’ll see what I can figure out. I don’t work at a web design studio or anything (yet, obviously!) So, thanks again for your help. I’ll post my results after a new install.

    Thanks for the DB restoring information michalzuber.

    Ok, I figured out how to reinstall wordpress so things are working in this regard. Now I just need to tackle restoring the database so I’ll be looking at the instructions posted by michalzuber.

    How do I find the database that I need to import? All I see are full wordpress sites with all the files with them. Where would a DB be?

    Specifically for MAMP you should be able to access your PHPmyAdmin tool at http://localhost:8888/phpMyAdmin This might ask for logins which you could get from your wp-config.php file. From there you should be able to take a dump of the database. Another way to login would be to use root credentials. This would give you access to all databases.

    I’ve been able to access the PHPmyAdmin tool. However, I just don’t understand the next steps. I’m looking at the wp-config.php file in Coda and I see that the db name is localwp. I guess what it might be is that I don’t have an official backup of my WP database. I have several different files that contain all the WP site files but they must not technically be backups. I think I’m really close to understanding what to do, I just can’t figure it out.

    The steps should be pretty simple:
    From phpMyAdmin select the database then click on the “Export” tab. This will take you to the place where you can export the DB. Select the “select all” check box to make sure you are going to save all of the tables. Below you should be able to see a few formats to save in. You can do regular .sql (uncompressed) or .zip or .gz formats (compressed).

    I understand the process you are describing but I don’t know if the correct database is available through phpMyAdmin. As I wrote earlier, I’ve successfully reinstalled WP, it’s just definitely not connecting to my original database and all the updates I had made. I just went through the process you described to Export a wordpress database. I don’t know where the exported db went and I don’t know how to install it with my new version of WP. I’m sorry to be so frustrating, your instructions are all very understandable, I’m just not getting it. Really sorry…

    So, I guess another description would be that I have WP installed with an altered HTML home page showing my previously designed home page. However, no CSS or other parts of the Canvas theme are working. I have also entered a support ticket on the Canvas theme site. Somehow I am not pointing to the correct database or folder is what it seems to me.

    I think you now need to copy your files over from the backup. Also, check to make sure the paths are correct. Are you able to navigate the admin area without any problems?

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