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  • The usual location up on CHAITGEAR.

    Numerous minor revisions across the board, including some hack prevention code, new [meta] CG-Inline for displaying post meta/custom tags in the body of the post, blacklist update for CG-Referrer and CG-Antispam, CG-Feedread now plays nicer in the sidebar, and CG-Referrer got a bit of an overhaul. Not a required update, but wanted to get some work/fixes out to folks, and seems stable enough to call it ‘beta’ now. 😉

    Read the CHANGES.txt file for more details. Let me know if folks run into any issues.

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  • David, I can’t get the CG-Feedread to show up in my plugins bar, nor do I see the inline on my posts-writing page.

    My site is

    Then they’re working properly! (tongue-in-cheek…)

    Did you read the docs for the two plugins? CG-Feedread you just activate, then add the code to your sidebar to show a particular feed. CG-Inline also has no interface, you just use any of the inline/macros in your post and they’ll show up transformed in the results.

    Feel free to post back here if the docs don’t explain enough — the Feedread stuff certainly should at this point, but Inline is still ‘relatively new’, meaning not enough people have asked questions about it (but I use it extensively on CHAITGEAR).

    A great example of the “CG-FeedRead-as-news-page” sample in the powerpack, extended to a particular site, is:


    So if I wanted to have a page, not a post, display news feeds from lets say, Slashdot and, how would I go about doing that?

    At the moment, you’d have to be running phpexec or similar to do it. But I’m looking to add a new CG-Inline macro for CG-Feedread feeds, so that you can make a WP Page that is a bunch of feeds.

    At the moment, you have to do it as a separate PHP file, like the link I gave above, or the sample cgfeeds.php included in the CG-PowerPack distribution — that way works right now, and works well.


    I am getting blank admin page for CGRef sub-page of the CGRef menu item in the admin section. It has header/footer but no content inside and I cannot see the refferrals. It used to work with 1.5a8. I also have problems with deleting _BOT_ refferals, I have to manually truncate the database because they cannot be removed via Purge.

    Scratch that, go grab 1.5b2 from the site.

    I’ve HEAVILY modded CG-Referrer specifically for this release. The main page is back, and I added another bunch of listing/admin panels as well, plus standardized output better across the panels, plus added quick color-coding to denote bots (green) and blocked access (red), plus default listing now shows bots and blocked referrals rather than hiding them.

    New ‘Tag’ panel will, when clicked, immediately try to process your entire referrer table to re-tag anything not-yet-tagged as a bot or blocked item, using the latest code and keywords to detect them.

    Updates to Purge should now allow you to COMPLETELY purge the database down to zero entries.

    Bots and Blocked panels to show more lists, Stats panel to show unique IP counts (for as much history as you have stored).

    Future versions I’ll add options to Purge panel for WHAT to purge, as well as some kind of ‘auto-purge’ of items older than some time-delay…


    Also, I should note that both Wishlists and Wedding Registry ASINs seem to be working properly in show_wishlist_items, but at the moment Baby Registries aren’t working (a problem on Amazon’s end).


    david, installed your pack and followed all the instructions.
    still get various errors. think i´ll throw everything out again, after i was only interested in whattunes (which doesn´t seem to work without cg amazon?). installation appears to go quite deep into wp. also it´s breaking my admins tab navigation with all those extra buttons.
    anyhow, here are two actual errors i get:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /uneu/dumberg/subwww/eyetag/htdocs/weblog/wp-content/plugins/cg-plugins/cg-postorder.php on line 82
    (within the loop, frontend)
    Latest Track

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ctype_digit() in /uneu/dumberg/subwww/eyetag/htdocs/weblog/wp-content/plugins/cg-plugins/AmazonQueryMgr.php on line 633
    (at tunes, in admin)

    if there should be a quick fix for it, i could continue trying them out…

    hmmm. installation of the powerpack is like any other plugin or set of plugins, it just stores core code into its own subdirectory (because I share a bunch of files between plugins, and it makes it MUCH easier to manage that way). doesn’t go any ‘deeper’ than other plugins.

    All you need activated to start with is CG-WhatTunes itself. Other CG plugins should be disabled. If that works, THEN turn on CG-Amazon to get the amazon lookups working. That’s the two you’ll want running.

    I’m not sure why the ‘ctype_digit’ error is coming up. That would only happen if you had a version of PHP before maybe 4.0.4. And since WP itself requires > 4.1, you shouldn’t have something earlier running — but for sanity, check whether you do…


    my php version is 4.1.2

    Huh. That’s really strange. ctype_digit is an intrinsic function of PHP > 4.0.4, so should be there — and it’s more than worrisome that you have a PHP version that SHOULD have it, but doesn’t… Makes me wonder what other functions are missing…

    I’ll poke around some. I could write a custom function, but intrinsics are so much faster, and it really should be there. 😉 I’ll see if anyone on the web has seen such functions missing. Is this a custom PHP build, or a hosted provider?


    hosted provider. shows you the whole configuration

    At the risk of sounding ridiculous I want to keep this simple and just say, “dude, your CG pack may not be playing nice with Firefox 1.0.4 and/or WP 1.5.1.” I was getting a ton of odd behavior from WP (including pages admin pages not fulling loading, links loading in new tabs – just frustrating odd behaviors) which all went away when I deactivated CG pack.

    Perhaps it’s something. Perhaps not.

    fuelcell –

    That’s the first I’ve ever heard of ‘a ton of odd behavior’ of the CG 1.5-series PowerPack plugins. I assume you downloaded the release, whose main change was to support the new plugin subpanel interfaces (1.5.1 changed the way you have to ‘register’ the subpanels…)?

    And, was there a particular plugin causing issues? I never just go and switch on a half-dozen plugins at once myself — wouldn’t expect anyone else to either… There have been some cases in the past where a particular CG plugin and particular third-party plugin had an interaction issue, but I haven’t heard of such issues since maybe the Fall.

    As for FF1.0.4, can’t give firsthand accounting to that, but the browser shouldn’t be an issue.

    This ctype_digit thing does have me a bit off-kilter, as the PHP spec spells out pretty clearly that it’s an intrinsic PHP function call… so if it’s not there, I can’t imagine what else might be missing. I haven’t found any further references to it, and might try to add a detect-and-workaround, but awfully strange… :-/


    is there anything else i can do – send you some code or something..?

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