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    I’ve just updated WordPress (v4.7.5), and also the CF7 plugin (v4.8), on a charity site I support.

    My forms have the
    span.wpcf7-list-item { display: block; }
    line in the ‘Additional Settings’ tab of the edit form page, as per the documentation. This has been nicely displaying radio buttons in a list instead of a line, for 2-3 years.

    Today the block layout won’t work on the new form I’m making, and has vanished from old established forms on the site.

    I’ve tried putting the CSS code in the custom CSS for the theme, but that doesn’t make any difference.

    What has happened, and how can I fix it? I’m working in Chrome on Windows 10, and a Linux server if that matters (but that hasn’t changed).
    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • There is a know issue with version 4.8 and you will most likely need to rollback to 4.7 to get this working again. Hopefully you have a backup to get the previous version.

    Hi, can i ask you? how i can downgrade contact form 7, but the thing is i dont have backup (my mistake) it possible to downgrade cf7 to 4.7 without losing data ( forms that i make) thanks

    Are you familiar with using FTP to transfer files to your website? Or perhaps using cPanel. You need to get into your website files and overwrite the plugin CF7 4.8 with CF7 4.7.
    As long as you only overwrite the plugin file then no you will not lose any information or change the form. Only internal files will be changed.

    Check this link for more info on FTP:

    The above step might be a bit tricky if you are not familiar with FTP. If you go to your WordPress dashboard and go to plugins and add new. You can upload the CF7 4.7 zip file and it will most likely downgrade it.

    Downlaod zip file from here:

    Ah, a known issue! Thanks @hydro1313, and for the download link and other tips & resources. I will try the WP dashboard route, and if that doesn’t work I’ll try FTP or cPanel.

    I did backup the complete site before the updates. Funny I was more worried about the WP one! Are bugs in updates common?

    I’ll work on this in the morning and let you know how I get on.:-)

    For the record, uploading a previous version of an already-installed plugin will not overwrite the existing plugin. You’ll just get an error upon upload saying that a plugin with that name already exists.

    To fix this issue, simply append !important to the end of your CSS declaration, like so:

    span.wpcf7-list-item { display: block !important; }

    This is why I use FTP, to avoid all that.
    @licoricetwist, As a precaution, copy your contact form fields that you created to a text file just in case you need them. So you don’t have to rewrite them in the event they are lost. This way you can erase CF7 4.8 and install CF7 4.7 as a fresh install.

    Thanks @edikitt, putting span.wpcf7-list-item { display: block; !important }in my Custom CSS section has fixed the problem on all my forms. 🙂 (It does NOT fix it if simply put in the CF7 form tab ‘Additional Settings’ though that’s what it’s there for.)

    Thanks @hydro1313, I’ll keep a copy of v4.7 just in case. I guess the simple thing (if I had to do it) is to just uninstall 4.8 (doesn’t that delete it too?) and re-install from the 4.7 download. But I have several forms on the site, and am really glad that adding !important has solved the problem without the process of down-grading and having to copy and reinstate all those forms.

    Thank you both for your help!! *wave*

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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