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  • I log into my blog and create a new blog, yet when I upload it….it never updates. I use Blue Host as my domain provider, someone please help

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  • Come again? You write a new post and it doesn’t show up? What are you uploading?


    what i mean is I publish a new post and it doesn’t show up

    Does it spit out an error or just hang? Can you check under Options->Writing and see what sites you have listed under “Update Services”.

    Can you edit an existing post?


    It just doesn’t show up…..this is what is listed if you look at the index of my domain it has the default msg that comes when you first install wordpress, so I deleted it and made a new post…the old one still shows up and the new one doesn’t

    You didn’t provide a link to your blog. 🙂 can sometimes slow posting down, remove it from the list and keep it empty while we figure this issue out for you.

    Can you go to Manage->Posts and ensure that you see the original default post there?


    it is not there…the only post there is the one I created, (if it takes me a while to post back its because I dont go byack to work until tonight. but I’ll be here another 20 min.) Thank you for your time and help

    and as far as it taking a long time….i made the new post like a week ago, should my template be somewhere in particular to sinc up with my domain


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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