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    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here who knows nothing really about CSS other than C&P’ing what others offer here.

    I did go into CSS Editor to update 404 message – thought is was pretty straightforward. Clicked update and page seemed to freeze. Manually typed in web address and nothing but a blank page.

    Have I broken my site? Can I restore it somehow?

    I am using my laptop as my host via XAMPP. Tried going into XAMPP and pulling up site that way – nothing, same issue.

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  • Are you saying your remote site is down, or your local site? (Sorry, don’t know how XAMPP works). If it’s your remote site, then get a good copy of the original file and upload it using FTP, overwriting the damaged file. If local, I presume you can directly copy a good version of the file easily.

    I don’t really know 🙁

    XAMPP allows me to host locally and I can’t access my site locally (do not have an external host yet anyways).

    I can access XAMPP, which allows me to create 3 websites and work on them locally. I even created another website just to see if it would work. It does. New website loads just fine so I don’t think it’s an issue with XAMPP.

    I am really clueless on database, code, etc. I know I have wordpress files saved on my harddrive and in the PHPadmin of XAMPP. I just don’t know how to copy, restore, or do whatever with them.

    I am petrified I am going to have to rebuild this entire site. Feeling nauseous at the moment.

    Don’t worry, your site is almost certainly completely safe in its database. You’ve messed up one file, which simpy needs to be replaced with the original, which you can download feom the internet. I’m not able to help now (bedtime), but I’m sure someone else will be along soon.

    Don’t open several threads on the same subject, or it will make it difficult for people to help you.

    While you’re waiting for someone else to help, try to find the file you changed on your disk. (Search all files by date, for example). And see if you can figure out what version of Customizr hou have.

    Don’t worry. It seems like a big deal when your site goes down the first time (we’ve all been there). But this should be very easy to fix.

    Thanks for talking me down ElectricFeet. I literally started rebuilding the site because I was in full-on panic mode. Oy.

    I think I found the file when I searched my hard drive files. It appears I am using Customizr version 3.0.5.

    Now if anyone could jump in and tell me how to fix the file, that would be super sweet 🙂

    P.S. I closed out the other threads I had started. Sorry about that. Again, panic mode.

    Ok, if it’s Customizr 3.0.5, and you were changing the 404 message, then the file you probably changed was class-content-404.php file. Check the date of the file on your disk to confirm.

    You can find a good copy of it here:

    Move a copy of the file you edited to another part of your disk entirely (the desktop, perhaps). Change its name to oldcontent-404.oldphp. Download the pristine file and save it to the exact location where your other file was, completely substituting it.

    With a bit of luck, you should be up and running again. Come back here and let us know.

    P.s. one thing you mustn’t do (I discovered the long and arduous way) is to rename the file in its current location and copy the substitute there too. They will both get loaded all the same and conflict with each other (at least that’s what seemed to be happening to me).

    You’re a genius EF 🙂

    Worked like a charm. Thanks so much!

    Yey! Wonderful!

    Now you can investigate backup plugins… 🙂

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