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  1. karlazz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    In the code below, I pull the page view counter from postmeta and increment it by one.

    When I update via update_post_meta, the counter value that goes into the database is incremented mysteriously by 1 again. So, if the counter was at 3, after the update it will be set to 5.

    If, however, I update the record directly via mysql_query, the counter value in the database is set to what I calculated, that is 1+the old counter, not 2+the old counter.

    I would prefer to use update_post_meta. But why is it doing this?
    Here is my code with my debugging statements. You can see the two different ways I try to update the database down in the last few lines of code. One way is commented out, because I was testing.

    function setPostViews($postID) {
        $count_key = 'Views';
        $count = get_post_meta($postID, $count_key, true);
    	echo "count " . $count . "<br>";
    	    $count = 1;
            delete_post_meta($postID, $count_key);
            add_post_meta($postID, $count_key, '1');
            // update_post_meta($postID, $count_key, $count);
    		$query="update hoparticlespostmeta  set meta_value='".$count."' where meta_key='Views' and post_id=".$postID;
  2. I tested your code exactly as you posted it using update_post_meta() and commenting out the 2 query lines and it works as expected.

    Every time I refreshed the page the count updated by 1

    I added setPostViews( get_the_ID() ); inside the loop in single.php

  3. karlazz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you. That is good.

    Unfortunately, I am still getting the same result on my side. To further investigate, I put an echo statement in the update_post_meta function in wp-includes/posts.php.

    I echoed the meta_value argument and it gave me the bad value. That is: count had a value of 10, but the value that update_post_meta echoed was 11. So the problem occurs early on, between my php and wordpress's php, but how? And not on your site... Seriously, I am witnessing the impossible!

    Grr. I have the workaround to use, and I generalized my query by using wpdb instead of identifying my table expressly. But I want the real code to work...Oh well, add it to my list of website mysteries.

  4. bcworkz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    add_post_meta() ends up calling update_meta_data(), which has several hooks. I suspect some plugin is conflicting with your code via one of these hooks. You might try using a more unusual key than a generic "Views", always good practice btw.

  5. karlazz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks everyone! I am finding a number of impossible issues with this wordpress install.

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