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  • I’ve come across an odd issue with update_option. I’m defining the option name in one place and using update_option in multiple areas.

    When I run
    $plm_options_update = update_option( $this->plm_option , $ary_options );
    I end up with an option_name with the correct value from $this->plm_option, but the option_value is empty. I’ve dumped $ary_options immediately before the update and the data is valid.

    However, if I replace $this->plm_option with the actual text, it works…most of the time. Most times the array is stored properly, sometimes I get a blank value. The array is always populated prior to update_option. I’ve dumped it for dozens of attempted updates, so it’s not a lack of data on the update_option calls that don’t work.

    Has anyone else run across an issue like this with update_option? It seems to be primarily when I store the option_name elsewhere and call it in update_options.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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