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  • I am currently running a instance on a synology NAS. Synology has the ability to install WP as a package for a single installation, however I have four websites each needing their own wp instance, thus I followed the instructions to install manually. I am currently unable to update WP to any newer WP version.

    I have disabled all addins, plugins, etc. I have confirmed port 21 access and my un/password by I can update all of the plugins, some of the themes, but not WP itself. I get this error:

    Downloading update from…

    Unpacking the update…

    Could not copy file.: wordpress/wp-admin/css/colors/ocean/colors.scss

    Installation Failed

    Any thoughts?

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  • David Uzelac


    Support Contributor

    Hi there!

    Have you made sure file permissions are setup correctly?

    This part of the Codex comes to mind, hope I can provide something to help you fix this.

    I use the gui interface with synology and so the permissions people talk about on apache servers is foreign to me. I had this once on a windows IIS server before I wiped it clean and installed a new version on this synology server now.

    I can telnet to the root and perform permissions on the volume, however I dont now what I am doing (what syntax to input that is).

    David Uzelac


    Support Contributor

    I’m not familiar with Synology I’m afraid, but this sounds like a file write/read permission problem if I’m not mistaken.

    Well I’m straight up stuck. I use filezilla to see the permissions and the entire site, minus my config file and htaccess is 777. the owner is one user that had admin access to the folder structure. however every time i try to update the WP site through wp-admin it fails on a different file every time saying it cannot copy.

    Thanks for your review.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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