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[Resolved] update WP and Custom Post Type UI 0.6.2

  • My new client has a WordPress site that hasn’t been updated since 2010. I need to make some significant changes to it, but first need to upgrade WordPress from 3.0.4. I understand I need to use the “Upgrading WordPress Extended” instructions for this, which requires that I turn off all plugins first. Will I lose the custom post types if I deactivate this plugin? Incidentally, it also uses a plugin called More Fields.


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  • You will lose the registration aspect of the CPTs, but you won’t lose the option being used by our plugin, nor will you lose the posts under the CPT from the database. We don’t have it set to delete the content we made. You should be safe, however like with ANYTHING, you should make backups of the database and whatnot anyway.

    Thanks for responding, Michael. By losing the registration aspect, do you mean I won’t be able to register new types, or do you mean I will lose the two types already registered? If so, what do I do? I’m in the midst of upgrading Core files right now – I already de-activated the plugin and am feeling very nervous.

    OK.. I finished upgrading WordPress and re-activated Custom Post Types UI but haven’t updated the plugin yet. Right now, the individual pages for Projects and Press are not found. I can see all the content is still there, so I know it will be OK, but can you tell me how to link it all back up?

    For example go here and click one of the projects:

    Thanks for your help.

    Oh! Never mind, it’s working now. So am I safe to upgrade to the current version of the plugin now?

    yes, you always have been. When the plugin is inactive, the post types wouldn’t be available, but once you reactivate it again, everything should fall back into place like it was.

    The post types posts and the settings for them are all in the database, it simply takes the plugin being active to use that data, recognize the post type as valid, and have WordPress create the UI to use them.

    Go update! 🙂 Let me know of any bugs that arise.

    It’s all good. Thanks for your patience. Sorry to be such a nervous nelly. I’m usually fine when I’m updating sites I made myself, but I get nervous when someone else developed it and I may not know all the quirks. Thanks again.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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