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    Try downloading WordPress again, access your server via SFTP or FTP, or a file manager in your hosting account’s control panel (consult your hosting provider’s documentation for specifics on these), and delete then replace your copies of everything on the server except the wp-config.php file and the /wp-content/ directory with fresh copies from the download. This will effectively replace all of your core files without damaging your content and settings.

    Some uploaders tend to be unreliable when overwriting files, so don’t forget to delete the original files before replacing them.

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    Thanks James,

    This is an option that also can be found in the WP Help directory but this does not solve the problem that is.

    The problem is that the quick one button updater does not work anymore and this is the same problem also for a long time for quick updating themes and plugins over this quick menu. I upgrade them therfor in their own directory. The programm also says that he is downloading the new files and then stops doing anything.

    It’s a lot of work to updat the WP site the way you suggest and if you miss one or 2 files the site will be destroyd and you can start all over again.


    Bert Peters

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    This is the message I got:

    WordPress bijwerken

    Update downloaden van…

    De authenticiteit van kon niet geverifieerd worden, omdat er geen ondertekening gevonden is.

    Uitpakken update…

    Remains so for the last 10 minutes or so.
    WP Uploader thinks that this is an illegal copy?

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    This was the same message I got while updating the last versions of woocommerce so I had to do this over FTP

    Also same problem!
    5 days ago made a topic on the Dutch forum:
    Link to topic

    I should be able to try the stated option by James but feel somehow scared doing something wrong.
    Before all updates were done automatically?
    Will this problem not be solved so I can try the update-button again?

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    Download WP 5.3 and unpack it in the uploadfolder on your computer.

    In the uploadfolder create a new folder and name it TEMP

    Start Filezilla and look in the rootfolder public_html on the server for wp-config-php and download it to the TEMP folder on your computer.

    Upload all the files in the unpacked wordpress folder on your computer to the public_html on the server but not the wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes, this comes later.
    Copy the original config.php from the TEMP folder on your computer back again to the public_html folder on the server.

    Upload the wp-admin folder in the wordpress folder on your computer to the one on the server and do the same with wp-includes.

    I uploaded then from the wp-content folder on my computer the files and folders from languages and from the folder themes the new theme twentytwenty.

    The dashboard of your site gives you the message to update the database and this takes one second and after that chack everything and if it works all fine you can delete the folder TEMP and the downloaded stuff from WordPress in wour downloadfolder.

    That’s all folks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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