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Update un-fixed my bbpress activation probelm

  • I installed User Role editor because WordPress was not automatically assigning a bbpress role to my new users as a Participant.

    With the last version, I didn’t even need to use it. I just installed the plug-in and it automatically fixed this problem. Now I have updated the plug-in and I’m back to the same problem: users in (subscriber) role are not added to also be (participants).

    Would love help in resolving this permenantly or a link to the old plug-in so I can roll-back the update and get everything working again.




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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulya



    Links to old versions of User Role Editor plugin are available at this page

    Please let me know, if roll-back helped you or not. I will investigate this problem then.


    Thanks, I found the links installed about 3 older versions up to 3.12-1 (wow, that was a big one for some reason) and it still didn’t fix the role problems.

    I read a few of your older posts about the bbpress incompatibility (dynamic roles, ect.) and hit “reset” with each install but I still have new registered users that are not automatically linked as participants.

    This is REALLY frustrating! From user’s point of view when I have the box checked in bbpress (to automatically assign a new user as a participant) the dang thing should DO IT!

    I’ve also un-installed and re-installed bbpress, manually replaced wordpress core files. Nothing seems to work!

    Let me skip down and try to install 3.8 (before you stopped roughandling bbpress user roles) and I’ll let you know how it goes.



    Success! I installed 3.8 – where you still handled bbpress fields with brute force. I backed-up mysql database (just in case) and hit re-set. I got some kind of warning and hit ok.

    New registrations (role: subscriber) can now use bbpress (role: participant), too!



    I just want to warn anyone reading this who does the same thing that the default participant role assigned when you hit “reset” gives a forum participant ALL rights (modify forums, etc.). You want to go in there, unselect all, and only give them reading, an check only the following abilities:




    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulya


    Thanks for your tests and information.

    When you hit ‘Reset’ User Role Editor do not execute a line of each own. It executes the WordPress core code, which is used to create roles during WordPress installation. So ‘participant’ could not get full capabilities through it.

    The subject with bbPress should be investigated in depth. I made the special note for that.

    Whew! Good to know I didn’t temporarily give Spectators the ability to delete forums.

    Thanks for providing the only tool that fixes this problem and your commitment to improve it!!



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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