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  • My WP installation shows me that “New translations are available”, but it does not tell me which translations those are. The only possibility is to click “Update Translations” and give FTP access for an automatic update. By my server does not allow FTP access (that is my choice), and no ordinary ssh2 access either. The server is hardened for security.

    So I need to get those translations myself and update them manually. But WP does not tell me if WP itself has new translations, of if some plugin has new translation, or a theme, or anything else. So I have no idea what I’m supposed to update, or even if I really need that update. Or maybe it’s just a bug and there is nothing to update.

    This seems to be an oversight. The admin panel should show more details than just “New translations are available”. It should show me exactly what is available and where I can get it myself.

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  • Do you have the same problem for updating plugins?
    If you think about it, the translations are all for the admin pages. Except for a few plugins that output to the front end and the theme, your visitors never see the translations, so it’s up to you as an admin whether you want more translations or not.

    I haven’t yet seen any message about plugin updates. But I have a persistant indication of available new translations that I can’t do anything with since WP doesn’t tell me what is actually available.

    So this is definitely a bug: I just installed the latest version of WordPress with all the latest translations of WordPress itself, and I removed all extra themes, keeping only those that come with WordPress itself, and then I removed all plugins. But WordPress still tells me that there are new translations available. Clearly there are no such translations to download.

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