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  • My admin interface is liberally peppered with “update to 2.9.1” messages.

    However, nowhere on my page does it say which version I’m actually running! Do you expect me to remember everything?….;)

    Please, less of the irritating messages and more of the information we need. If you continue like this you’ll become a Microsoft windows and never allow people to get any work done for all the update messages which continually cover the screen (thank god I’m a Mac user…)


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  • Look at the bottom of each admin screen for the version. Also the Dashboard, Right Now module shows the current version in use.

    If you are getting the upgrade message in error this plugin can help:

    Note: there’s a current movement to get more people involved with the user interface development for WordPress…see

    Hi Michael,

    Believe me, there is no version at the bottom of my admin screen – just a black bar with ‘Get 2.9.1’ at the right hand end!

    Those who love their wordpress will always know or look out for new versions. But it’s damned irritating for those who only just installed a recent version but don’t know which long telephone number it is… 😉

    Thanks for the links.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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