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    After upgrading to v0.4 I got an error message on the plugins page saying that the sftp.php file could not be found and so the plugin had been deactivated.

    However now the plugin doesn’t show on the plugins page at all. WordPress recognises that the plugin is installed if you try and install it again. But its deactivated and I’ve no way of activating it if it doesn’t appear on the plugins page.

    I can’t remember what the plugin file structure was like before, but now there are certainly no files in the root directory of the plugin so I’m wondering if there’s a file missing in the root of the directory?

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  • same problem as described above

    from what I noticed the root folder from version 0.3 is the same as the contents you now find within version 0.4 ../tags/0.3

    so the folder structure is quite different

    I reverted to my backup of 0.3 which still works good for now

    So it is confirmed so far that the plugin still isn’t listing on the plugin page? I’m definitely getting that problem right now, but I think I do have a copy of the previous version which I will try. Thanks for opening this thread.

    @rfblanchard good spot. What I’ve done is take the 0.4 version of the plugin and then copy the contents of the trunk folder into the root of the plugin.

    So I’ve got the following file structure in the downloaded plugin:

    • trunk/
      • sftp.php
      • readme.txt
      • class-wp-filesystem-ssh2.php
      • phpseclib/
    • tags/
    • branches/

    I then copy everything under trunk/ e.g. sftp.php etc to one directory higher (the ssh-sftp-updater-support directory). This now works for me with version 0.4.

    It looks like the plugin creator copied their whole svn directory structure into the plugin rather than just the trunk directory. So I suspect you can just take the contents of the trunk directory and delete everything else.

    Plugin Author TerraFrost


    I’ll take a look after work..

    Plugin Author TerraFrost


    Try it now. Sorry about this 🙁

    No problem. Thanks for fixing the it quickly 🙂 It’s an excellent plugin.

    It’s an amazing plugin, thank you for your hard work!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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