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  • We have been using the Simple Pay Lite (which I think is now called Stripe Payments for WordPress) with RSVPMaker for some time and it has worked quite well. But we don’t use that plugin for anything outside of RSVPMaker and I see now that RSVPMaker has Stripe functionality built in. We are also now getting a warning in the dashboard from the Simple Pay Lite plugin that says: “An update to your settings is required! It looks like you may still be relying on the legacy settings of this plugin. These settings will no longer work in the next update of Stripe Payments for WordPress. Please update your settings then create a new form to generate an updated shortcode to use on your pages.”

    I think the sensible thing to do is get rid of this plugin and just use the Stripe that is now built into RSVPMaker, but how do I do this? I have events currently up and running with the old setup… should I wait until those are over, then delete the Simple Pay plugin, and then set up Stripe in RSVPMaker and try it for our next event? Or could I do this now? (I’m getting tired of seeing the above warning all the time…)

    Thanks! -Karen

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  • Plugin Author davidfcarr


    I don’t think switching will be that complicated. I can see the logic of waiting until a break between events. On the other hand, if there’s some off time (early in the morning, late at night, or over the weekend) where you can turn off the other plugin and add your Stripe keys to RSVPMaker, I think you should have it working within a few minutes.

    Just don’t try running both at the same time — I saw error messages because both were trying to load the same Stripe API libraries. So switch off Simple Pay Lite first.

    I just got annoyed with them holding back their best features for the paid version, and I had my own scenario for wanting to collect money outside of event payments without needing to turn on another plugin. So I got the code directly from Stripe and integrated it.

    Fair warning: my only actual experience at switching from one to the other was on the RSVPMaker demo site. I wasn’t hosting any live events that I was charging for at the time.

    Well… that did not go well!

    First, I updated from RSVPM 6.0.4 to 6.0.6. Then I deactivated Simple Pay Lite plugin. Then I put the Stripe keys into RSVPM settings. Then I did a live test on an RSVP only event (no payment). That seemed to work fine. Then I did a live test on a payment event. I could fill out the form and submit but then I got a blank page (event title only, with no further info, no payment button, and some CSS on the page obviously only half loaded).

    So now I don’t know if the issue was caused by the RSVPM update OR the Stripe switch! I then removed the Stripe keys from RSVPM and reactivated Simple Pay Lite (and reconnected it to Stripe). This time I got info on the screen after submitting the form but no payment button whether I am logged in or not (in the logged in scenario, it seems to remember that I already made a payment for this event under this email EVEN THOUGH I deleted the record from the RSVP Report list). In the logged out scenario, info indicated that I need to pay but there is no Pay With Card button to do so.

    So then I reverted to RSVPM 6.0.4 using Simple Pay Lite for the Stripe and things are back in working order again. Seems like maybe the 6.0.6 update is what brought about the issues, so next I’m going to try sticking with 6.0.4 but deactivating Simple Pay and putting Stripe keys in RSVPM.

    I tried putting Stripe keys in RSVPM 6.0.4 and got the same results (empty page). I’m going to stick with Simple Pay Lite for now since that seems to be what works, but I would love to work with you to figure this out for the long term as we would be happy to get rid of Simple Pay Lite!

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Sorry it’s not behaving for you.

    If you can, please test it with error logging turned on. If you add the code below to your wp-config.php, errors will be logged to /wp-content/debug.log but not displayed to the user.

    define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true );
    define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );
    define( ‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false );

    I suspect the error messages that might provide a clue aren’t being displayed on your site.

    You did have Simple Pay Lite deactivated when you were testing, correct? If they’re both active at the same time, there’s an issue with them trying to load the same libraries. But I think you would have seen problems with that even outside of the confirmation screen where the button is supposed to be displayed.

    Meanwhile, I would suggest you go back to the latest version of RSVPMaker, as there were other problems with the preceding couple of releases. At least I caught those (eventually) myself.

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