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  1. deming art studio
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Ever since the wordpress was updated I have had nothing but problems. Isn't the purpose of updating to improve NOT to make things WORSE!! Well please be aware that your update made using your blogging service EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING and NO NONE NO improvement was realised .NO IMPROVEMENT WAS REALISED. I will repeat NO NONE NO improvement was relalised, NONE. The new version deleted all my tags, deleted all my links and deleted all my categories. On top of that the new version does NOT allow me to add calegories, does NOT allow me to upload new pictures, does NOT allow me to publish new psots to my blog, does NOT allow me to add tags and does NOT allow me to add links. So why am I using word press? So why aren't I using a better blogging system than word press? So why did word press publish a revised version that made blogging more difficult for its users? So why was a revision published that deleted features instead of adding useful features? And why was a revision necessary if the old version worked and the revision does NOT NOT NOT work. In closing I would ask will word press correct all these problems? I'll answer for them probably NOT. And what useful features will word press delete with the next revision? What frustrations will word press add with the next revision? Probably many since it is obvious that their intent is to make their blogging service more difficult and less useful.

  2. Jeremy Clark
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Instead of complaining have you actually tried asking for help here.

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