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    The plugin is beta compatible for buddypress 1.7 and wp 3.5.1

    you can check the code in my git,

    I will update the plugin soon.

    Hey meg,

    Updated to bp 1.7 and it went bad to worst. [ redacted, support is offered via the forums and not email ]

    Plugin Author meg@info



    I think the probleme is from your theme, witch theme used ?
    can you make screen capture or send the link of your site.

    the new version work fine with the buddypress themes and compact theme.


    Hi meg@info,

    I think that the problem is related with this piece of code:


    Some themes don’t set up the bp feature 🙁

    I’m trying to add bp 1.7 compatibility to one of my plugins and I found the same problem with some themes.

    Plugin Author meg@info


    Hi @mconte, @charlietech

    @charlietech please update your theme to make it compatible to bp 1.7.
    Add in your functions.php this code

    add_theme_support( 'buddypress' );

    Read this for more information :

    Thanks for feedback @mconte, it’s true , when the plugin bp is updated to 1.7
    and the current theme is not updated to bp 1.7(add_theme_support( ‘buddypress’ ) was not added to functions.php).

    i was add new test, is to check if theme tags containt the tag ‘buddypress’.

    i will update the function bp_follow_is_bp_default to this code :

    // if active theme is BP Default or a child theme, then we return true
     	// If the Buddypress version  is < 1.7, then return true too
       if(current_theme_supports('buddypress') || in_array( 'bp-default', array( get_stylesheet(), get_template() ) )  || ( defined( 'BP_VERSION' ) && version_compare( BP_VERSION, '1.7', '<' ) ))
       		return true;
       else {
    	    // check to see if the 'buddypress' tag is in the theme
    	    // some bp themes are not yet compatible to bp 1.7 but the plugin is updated
       		// get current theme
    	    $theme = wp_get_theme();
    	    // get current theme's tags
    	    $theme_tags = ! empty( $theme->tags ) ? $theme->tags : array();
    	    // or if stylesheet is 'bp-default'
    	    $backpat = in_array( 'buddypress', $theme_tags );
    	    	return true;
       			return false;

    So, now every theme that supports buddypress should add that line, isn’t it? I just want to understand. I mean, when a theme adds buddypress 1.7 support, the only work is add that line? I think that in the future , themes will change the layout to be really bb 1.7 compatible and it will be really difficult make a plugin compatible with bb 1.6.x and 1.7. What do you think about that?

    Plugin Author meg@info


    Hi @broobe,

    To make the theme compatible with new future of bp 1.7, you need to add this line, this is not mean that theme without this line will not work.

    Yes of course, it will be difficult to make plugins compatible with bp 1.6.x and 1.7. but if you use a theme compatible with buddypress or child theme compatible with bp, (i think) all plugins will cover this case.

    the new future of bp 1.7 (theme-compat) force buddypress plugins developers to make a compatibility of plugins with all themes.

    [ redacted, as mentioned above support is offered via the forums and not via email ] I added the codes above and nothing happened.

    Plugin Author meg@info



    Witch version of buddypress you use ?
    and witch theme ?


    bp 1.7 and suffusion

    Plugin Author meg@info


    I was just download and test the suffision theme from :

    I use bp 1.7 and wp 3.5.1, BuddyPress FollowMe 1.2.2

    All work good!!

    Are you using Suffusion BuddyPress Pack ?


    Plugin Author meg@info


    Disable it, and try again,
    buddypress 1.7 add theme Compact future, so it will be integrated with all wp themes without adding theme pack.

    Yea it cause an error with my site, so hopefully i can get it resolved soon.

    Plugin Author meg@info



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