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  • attempting to upgrade an installation from 3.0.4 to .5 .

    Update page shows:
    Downloading update from http://wordpr…etc.
    Unpacking the update…

    And that’s it. Site is still accessible.
    In wp-content there is wordpress-3.tmp.
    In wp-content/upgrade there is wordpress-3.tmp folder.
    When I try to go into that folder, nothing happens.

    This is, Windows 4GH. Self-installed. I’ve upgraded other installs before on it; for instance, 3.0.3 to .4 . And I just upgraded two others on the same setup with no problems.

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  • @ipstenu

    So you are saying it’s wordpress’s fault? Awesome, I guess my blog is stuck permanently at 3.0.4

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    It is and it isn’t WordPress’s fault. Yes, it’s WP’s fault for not being perfect and working on every possible system. But let’s put this in perspective. It’s impossible for you to walk up a flight of stairs 100% of the time and NOT once slip. Right? (To the one guy who claimed he could, I say sir, you are either misremembering, lying or juat about to break your nose falling down the stairs) WordPress works MOST of the time for MOST people, and that in itself is really far more impressive that people give it credit for. The world is not a perfect place, and there is NOTHING that works 100% of the time for everyone. If there was, I wouldn’t have a job!

    And no, you are NOT stuck on 3.0.4 – you just need to upgrade MANUALLY. Which was actually how everyone had to do it for years before this mostly successful auto-upgrade tool was workable.


    Ok whatever, so it’s too much to ask for an error message. Noted.

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    Ah THAT is a little different. I was glossing over, since there are so many breakpoints here. The most COMMON problem is that your install of PHP doesn’t like something. I know, it’s vague cause I can’t tell what, and, more to the point, neither can WordPress. I hate silent errors too. They usually are caused by a communctation breakdown between the app (WordPress) and the tool (PHP). your hosts PHP error log MIGHT have some clues.

    Here is the problem.

    As with many things, there are two sides to it.

    First. GoDaddy (and other hosts, probably) set a PHP script’s max_execution_time to 30 seconds.
    Second. Some of GoDaddy’s servers are slower than others. Even when they’re supposed to be much faster.

    Third, in class-wp-upgrader.php, there are three routines that have to be done: download_package(), unpack_package, and install_package. WordPress uses set_time_limit() to increase max_execution_time temporarily to five minutes. But ONLY for installation. It does not do this for downloading or unpacking.

    The combination of slow server with short max_execution_time means that large updates, or updates with large numbers of files, will probably timeout while downloading or updating. The timeout is silent (i.e. no error is displayed) so the end result is that the process has appeared to hang.

    So, there are two paths you can go by… (hmm. there’s a song there…)

    1. you can go to your host and get them to increase PHP’s max_execution_time (or if you have access to php.ini, you can do it there).

    2. you can annoy your host to speed up the servers.

    3. you can annoy the WordPress coders to add ‘set_time_limit(300);’ to the appropriate routines in class_wp_upgrader.php.

    4. you could add the lines yourself, but you’ll lose them first time you update WordPress, which sorta defeats the purpose, and anyway, is against the WordPress Way.


    (the “paths” I refer to are 1. to the host; and 2. to WordPress. Yes I’m aware I put four items, but two are to the host, and two are to WordPress, so I feel I’m within the spirit of correctness if not the letter)

    Pretty sure this is a permissions issue. I’m going to try setting all my files and folders to 777 before upgrading. If that doesn’t work – it will probably be because some directories are owned by the default apache user, and therefore the FTP account doesn’t have correct permissions.

    777 didn’t do it. Couldn’t be bothered requesting a fire premissions fix. Going to use an old version of wordpress.

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