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  • If you ask imsanity to scale them (through settings) images were not scaled!

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Works on my site…

    What size are the images you upload?
    What size are they supposed to scale to?
    What JPG quality are you using?
    And lastly, do you know what version you upgraded from?

    images sizes: 2479 x 1750px and 3543 x 1181px
    scale to size: 2048 x 2048
    JPG quality: 90
    updated from the version that was most recent before 2.3.9

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Hmm, don’t see anything unusual about any of that. Sometimes if the dimensions are close, and the JPG quality is too high, the scaled image ends up being larger than the original.

    Anway, can you provide links to those images so I can test them out with those settings on my site, just in case it IS something peculiar to your images?

    Okay, thank you for looking into this. Here are the images in question:





    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Are you also using the PNG to JPG converter?

    No. That was bad. Thank you.
    Now, after turning PNG to JPG converter ON, i get these errors:

    Translated freely from german to english:

    “error, scaled image was bigger than original”

    and nothing was changed.

    Hmm, is that good?

    My other concern is, that the images like used now, look very unsharp when viewed on front of website.

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    Sorry, I wasn’t implying you SHOULD enable it, just trying to make sure I’m replicating your settings closely since I noticed two of the images you posted were PNG images, and I couldn’t remember off-hand if Imsanity scales PNG files.

    Okay, I reverted back to “NO” PNG to JPG conversion.

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Ok, tested all three images, then realized the JPG was already at 2048.
    So the PNG images scaled properly without conversion to JPG. Then I turned on PNG to JPG, tried again, and they look rather good at quality 90. Especially if I view the full-size image, they look really sharp, but that was with ImageMagick.

    So I switched to GD, since that is what the default is on most sites, and the quality was a little lower (using PNG to JPG), but not much. You’ll notice, because you know what the original looks like. Your visitors won’t have a clue that they are any worse.
    As you noticed, GD does not seem to be capable of scaling those PNG images without creating a larger image. It must be less efficient than ImageMagick when it comes to the PNG format. You can certainly ask your webhost to enable the Imagick (ImageMagick) extension on your site, and that will let you either resize your PNG images, OR convert them to JPG and then resize them. You may even be able to do so via your hosting control panel.

    JPG is certainly going to produce much smaller results for those two images, and I suspect you could even go lower on the quality and no one would notice.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention my first tests with GD were using PNG to JPG conversion.

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    sorry, that the jpg was already in 2048px, posted wrong image.

    Thank you for looking into it! So without imagick there is no way around manual scaling prior uploading…

    What was the test.php file again, to check if module is already working?

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    something like this should let you see what modules are enabled:
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

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