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  • Jeffrey


    I updated through the admin interface and quite a few pages broke.
    Activities and Members and Groups. There may have been more but I reinstalled the previous version based on just those pages.

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  • Jeffrey


    Funny thing.. the slideshow worked with 1.12. It doesn’t with 1.10.

    It has messed up the header positioning for me, Just going through it to see what is different and to put it all back how I want it.

    I would have expected a notification a section for releases on the website to tell us about what changes where made in each release.

    very poor customer relationship

    @ dcsenterprise @frank Warwick,

    please see the blog post regarding this update here:

    @dcsenterprise, the version 1.12 is the new one, with fixed slideshow and fixed WP 3.5 bugs and other stuff. See the blog post for changelog.

    Unfortunately some bugs sneaked in with the new version 1.12, due to the new rebuild of the HTML and CSS to switch the theme responsive design (see new option in GENERAL -> RESPONSIVE).

    A new version is coming as quickly as possible.

    @frank, what would you like to see improved?
    (except bug free software of course..)

    Any feedback telling us at which point you needed information, help, links, but couldn’t get in touch to us. Would be very appreciated, so we can rethink and improve.

    More info on the Custom Community world on our site

    We release regularly blog posts, you can contribute on Github, we have a documentation, free tech support and premium support, you can tweet us, post on G+ or facebook, …

    We have links to the docs and support from the theme settings page (but no link to latest blog posts about CC updates for example, this would be an idea maybe)

    Please tell us where you were missing us,
    would be a great help for us and for other too 🙂

    Thanks for leaving your honest feedback,
    and sorry again for any hassle you experience,



    Thanks @konrads I’ll wait for an update. I’m coming over from the Infinity theme framework because of Custom Community’s easier interface. Once these initial bugs are solved I’ll probably go Pro.

    @dcsenterprise thanks for the feedback – bugs will be squashed for sure 😉

    @dcsenterprise, @frank Warwick,

    thanks for all your feedback,

    here’s a fresh blog post about last update to 1.12.2:

    …with detailed changelog.. 😉 konrad



    Hey there @konrads and everyone,
    The update to 1.12.2 was a nice improvement to the slideshow working.
    Now for the CSS stuff and broken styling,
    I made some adjustments to widen my sidebar under the Sidebar menu and adjusted the “padder” div on the CSS tab.

    But,,,,, on the single groups page I found that the display of the admins and moderators was lining up way far to the right behind the sidebar.

    I simply adjusted group-header.php in the < id="item-actions style="left: 450px;" >` and now all is good to go.

    Not sure if this helps anyone else but I thought it good to share.


    Hi dcsenterprise,

    we are already aware of that issue! it’s on the list to be fixed next..

    thanks a lot for all your reporting and contribution with feedback!


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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