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    Hi there

    I have downloaded this theme and its great but I have one problem.

    I need to add some text to the footer as it is a legal requirement for the industry I am in and also a privacy policy.

    I tried adding text to the footer but when I did It crashed my site and did not allow me access anymore.

    Can the author please help me and guide me the best way to add text to the footer.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Thanks for the reply

    I’m reading through the posts so I just need to get it right. The colour is fine, I just want to add some links and a line of text without ruining the code. I tried changing and deleting but when I did the site wouldn’t load up.

    I had to access the file through FTP and delete the text I added.

    Thanks anyway

    Did you see the bit about using Widget Builder plugin, and Widget Areas One-Two-Three? That’s the easiest approach.

    I did but I was reading your posts and the example code Nd what to change.

    I added some text exactly where your link showed where to change the code.

    I’m not familiar with widget builder, I wouldn’t know what code to change to make it work on the theme.

    No code needed.

    Build 3 widgets containing what you want eg Copyright, credits, random text (or even use one of the preset Widgets). Then go to Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets and slide the new widgets into Footer Widget Area One-Two-Three.

    To start, just try it with 3 of the standard Widgets and get a feel for what’s happening. Then try the Widget Builder plugin.

    And you’re right, you then need to use my suggested CustomCSS code in the CustomCSS Panel to change colors, remove the Themes&Co footer.

    that’s great thank you for all your help, I appreciated it.

    I just need to work out how to add slides to the widget.

    I have created a slide which works perfectly but when I place the revolution slider widget in the footer and select my slider which it shows its there nothing comes up on the footer.

    it says no slides selected but I have selected it in the widget admin.

    The exact words on the website where the widget is “No slides found, please add some slides:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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