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[Resolved] Update stats on slug or permalink change

  • I wrote a plugin that hooks to “pre_post_update”, “post_updated” and “permalink_structure_changed” to update the wp_slim_stats.resource values if the permalink for a page changes (the slug for a post/page was changed, fields that are part of the current permalink stucture (dates, categories, etc) are changed for a post/page, or the overall site permalink structure changed) as the stats aren’t tied to the post_id and thus are lost. I realize that in some cases this is desired behavior – if the page isn’t at the same URL it isn’t technically the same page anymore – but for my personal site I just wanted to see how many people had looked at my pictures of a trip or read my post on how to do something, I don’t particularly care about the specific URL.

    It was originally for my own purposes, but it occurred to me that this might be useful for others as well. Is this something that you might be interested in including with the official WP SlimStats plugin, or better left as a standalone plugin? Let me know if you would like to peek at the source, it’s only ~100 lines including a workaround for a bug I found in WordPress 2.8+ that should be fixed in 3.5.

    If not and anyone else is interested, I’ll likely just add it to the WordPress.org repository as a separate plugin and can update with the link here once I do.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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