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    I spent the entirety of yesterday perfecting the customizations to my Kadence child theme. Today, I went to upgrade the theme — routine upgrade, I thought — and found all of my customizations and layouts were gone.

    What happened? I don’t understand why this would happen to a child theme. I’ve been using Kadence for months and previous updates have not had this effect.

    Anyhow, I’m really bummed that I have to try to figure out how to fix this all over again. Do you have any idea why this would have happened?

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  • Hi,
    I can’t think of any reason. Settings are going to be based on your child themes slug. Did you change the child theme folder at all? That would be the only way that mod settings would suddenly reset.


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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the quick feedback. I didn’t change anything and I’ve been able to update Kadence fine for a while now. It’s weird. Some customizations stayed, such as my extra CSS.

    Anyhow, I think I have mostly redone the customizations for now.

    Some customizations stayed, such as my extra CSS.

    That isn’t saved as part of the theme mods, for example if you changed themes your custom css will still be there.

    So for themes settings are saved based on the theme slug. If you are using the Kadence Theme without a child theme then all your settings would be stored in theme_mods_kadence.

    If your using a child theme and the folder of your child theme is “childtheme” then the settings would be saved in the database key theme_mods_childtheme.

    Having them all get removed could mean that your themes folder is messed up or somehow changed so it’s the most likely explanation I can think of.


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    Would it be helpful for me to give you access so you can take a quick look under the hood?

    My theme files under my child theme are:
    theme functions

    It’s against forum rules to share access. They are very strict about this so that isn’t an option. Also I don’t think that would explain things really.

    The key with your child theme is the folder name that it’s in that’s what sets the slug for theme mods.

    As for what is in your child theme that wouldn’t really matter unless something in your functions.php file is intentionally breaking things.

    Can I ask why are you using a child theme? Are you specifically wanting to override the header or footer files? Perhaps there is a clue there.

    However, the only way I can think of (from a coding perspective) that you would have all your settings suddenly gone is that the child theme folder name changed.

    When a theme updates the only thing that changes are the files, the settings which are all saved in the database are not interacted with during an update.


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    Thanks, Ben.

    The name of my child theme folder is personalized, yes. But it has been like that since I started using the theme in February. There have been several updates to the theme since then and I haven’t noticed any changes in the customizations when I have updated.

    I’m using a child theme because that has been the norm for “best practices” for a while now so that customizations don’t get changed when a theme updates. 🙂

    I downloaded the header and footer because I was inserting special header scripts there (e.g., affiliate verification codes).

    For the record, I really love your theme and I’ve never had any trouble with it before now. I even gave it a 5-star rating today because all in all it is solidly coded and lightweight and does what I want. This seems to have been an anomaly and I wish I could figure out what happened.

    If you have any other suggestions for what I should do moving forward, I’d appreciate it. Maybe I’ll customize it to my specifications on the main theme as well and see what happens next time there’s an update.

    Thank you so much for your quick and thoughtful support. I hope you’re having a good day otherwise!

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    Ah…so it’s 24h later and the theme reverted back to the default customizations again. So, I created a new child theme to start from scratch. But while I was using the customizer and resetting the menu, everything just reverted back again.

    This is really strange.

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    Anyhow…is there a way to export all of my settings/customizations so I can import them next time this happens? Hopefully it won’t happen again. But just to be sure…

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    I’m using a child theme because that has been the norm for “best practices” for a while now so that customizations don’t get changed when a theme updates.

    There has long been a misunderstanding about this. A child theme is best practices only if you are planning to edit theme code. It doesn’t make any difference with regard to customizations made in the customizer or other theme options. It’s only with regard to editing theme files. For 99% of people you don’t (and likely shouldn’t) need to edit theme files. For example, if you want to add tracking code it’s better to use a plugin.

    Here is some more info if you want to read more on that:
    And specifically about tracking:

    That is all not relevant to your issue of losing settings I just wanted to clarify.

    I only have two guesses for what is creating your issue with losing settings.

    1. Your child theme folder is not using save naming conventions, for example, it’s got an empty space or some non-standard characters.

    2. Your server is running some advanced caching on the database and that isn’t being cleared/flushed correctly when updates are taking place in the customizer.

    Outside of that I can’t think of any way or reason this would be happening and just to clarify I don’t have anyone reporting any issue with this so the above two ideas of hypothetical and not from anyone else’s experience.

    As for exporting settings doesn’t allow themes to add an import/export as part of a theme. But we do make this possible through our starter templates plugin, you can install that and you will see options in the customizer to import and export your settings.

    I hope that helps,


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    Thanks, Ben.

    You’ve been very thoughtful and helpful throughout all of this.

    I made a new child theme and customized everything again. Hopefully it will stay put. But I will keep in mind all you said about the child theme issue. I didn’t know that the thinking on that had changed.

    Another thing that I noticed afterward was that WordPress pushed an update yesterday at about the exact same time as I had the issue. So maybe that is when the glitch happened.

    Thank you again for your time and consideration. I will close this ticket now. 🙂

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