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  • The upgrade files include the following instruction:

    Before you upgrade anything, make sure you have backup copies of any files you may have modified such as index.php.
    Upgrading from any previous WordPress to 2.8:

    1. Delete your old WP files, saving ones you’ve modified.

    I have inspected my WP files on the server and there is no way I can see of telling which files I have modified since there are no file dates shown.
    How do I know which files they are……or am I missing something…..apart from a deep knowledge of the subject?

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  • @mercime


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    backup copies of any files you may have modified such as index.php

    That is usually for few of those who hack core files for their installation. Most probably you didn’t touch those (since you don’t remember) so just delete the files — P.S. DO NOT DELETE wp-config.php and htaccess in root

    Sounds simple doesn’t it. So if I delete


    the files except wp-config.php and htaccess then I will not lose any of the information and published articles in my blog? Is that what you are saying? Does this include the WP-admin/content/includes folders? Seems to me if I delete ALL files I will be starting from scratch! Can you elucidate a little further?



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    BACKUP Database, wp-content folder (which includes your themes, plugins and uploads folders), wp-config.php and htaccess

    Then delete wp-includes folder and wp-admin folder and upload whole WP-2.8

    OK. Thanks for that. I will give it a try………and hope!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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