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  • Hi,

    Since last few days, every time I try to update and existing post or page, I am being redirected to the 404 Error page of my site with the message at the top bar “Nothing found for Wp admin post php”.

    I have checked the permissions of all the files and folders and they are the same as before. I have checked with my hosting provider for any hack attacks also..none.

    This has left me confused and ipset for the last few days as I there are any pages that I want to re-work on, but can not.

    Moreover, when I try to update the PHP files from the theme editor section, it shows me the 404 Error page. All the theme PHP files are writable.

    What can be the issue here? It would be great if someone can offer a solution. The strange thing is that I also have another WP installation in a sub-directory, which seems to work fine.

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  • if you have installed two WP in the same database with the same table prefix … it may be causing the problem.

    I am sure that the two WP installations have different databases. I can get that checked with my host.

    However, the question is that it was working fine for all these months and have now suddenly started to show this problem. If there is a conflict with the databases, it should have not worked at the first place.

    Please suggest, how this can be sorted out.



    hi,can you post a link to your website.
    The second best thing will be,if you can tell us which plugins you are using.
    try disabling any plugin you have installed recently (If any ,after which problem started).
    Any other information about the changes you have made,after which this problem started can help us to rectify the issue.

    The strange thing is that sometimes the “Update post” works and sometimes it shows the 404 error.

    Moreover, I also have a WP blog in a sub-directory of the site. It was working fine till yesterday. But now it has also started showing the same problem, mostly while posting comments. Whats even more wierd is that it redirects to the 404 of the main site and now its own 404 page.

    I am not sure if any plugin is the issue, coz I had not installed or activated any plugin around the time the problem started. Additionally, the blog does not have even one plugin installed.

    Try looking into your Error Logs. The 404 errors are usually more descriptive there.



    Were you able to solve this? It started happening to me and seems like only happens when I try to include media in the posting (ie embedded video or image). Thanks

    I am also facing the same problem after updating my wordpress..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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