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  • After instaling the plugin, the link to change the picture on the front end always took me to another page.
    Until i realized the link had a “thickbox” class attached.
    Installed the thickbox plugin and its all good now.

    Im leaving this here so it may help anyone with the same problem.

    Using User Avatar + Theme My Login

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  • What do we do if we cant use thickbox? I have prettyphoto installed, and thinkbox screws it up?

    i uninstalled the thickbox plugin, and edited the user-avatar.php file on the plugin.
    added both bold lines on the file, since wordpress already comes with thickbox, to just show up on the avatar page.

    function user_avatar_admin_print_styles() {
    global $hook_suffix;

    wp_enqueue_style(‘user-avatar’, plugins_url(‘/user-avatar/css/user-avatar.css’), ‘css’);

    that might help you. or maybe editting the same file to switch any references of thickbox to prettyphoto…

    My user-avatar.php came like the following.

    function user_avatar_admin_print_styles() {
    	global $hook_suffix;
    	wp_enqueue_style('user-avatar', plugins_url('/user-avatar/css/user-avatar.css'), 'css');

    I tried swapping out all 3 thickbox calls for prettyphoto, and i get the invalid url error.

    you can see on that wordpress doesnt come with prettyphoto, thats why it doesnt work.

    but right, sorry, i had to enqueue it in theme my login.
    where is prettyphoto screwing you?

    prettyphoto is being used to run the photogallery.

    Dunes and Trails ATV

    When i activate thickbox, the photos no longer show up. Plus thickbox is deprecated, and they even suggest an alternative.

    While Thickbox had its day, it is not maintained any longer, so we recommend you use some alternatives.

    might be a jquery conflict.

    you could try to disable prettyphoto for the frontend upload page, or look around for how to implement both.
    hard to know more without seeing the error

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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