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  • It looks like the .htaccess file is not updated if there is no permalink structure specified – even if there is a category base, or rules added by plugins.

    If I go to the permalinks page, and change the category base and leave the permalink structure blank; when I click the save button, the message indicating the permalinks were updated displays, but the .htaccess file remains unchanged.

    I’m not sure if this is broken, or whether it was intended to behave like this (i.e. only update permalinks when there is permalink structure specified).

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  • Even without auto-updating the .htaccess file turned on, I see that if I leave my permalink structure blank, and putting in a new string for the category base, I get no rewrite rules to use to update my .htaccess.

    Looks like a bug, please file a detailed bug report. Any help fixing it would be awesome, too.

    If the peramlinks structure box is empty, all permalinks are disabled. This is intended.

    i can’t get the button to work either. i always cut and paste the code into .htaccess file and upload. it’s quite a pain to have to do it everytime.

    pineapplemike, getting the button to work is a different issue. Set the file’s (.htaccess) permissions right, and you can have auto-updated .htaccess files.

    The question was essentially different.

    I just had the following happen updating from to 1.5.2.
    New .htaccess with permissions 666.
    Options/Permalinks with Structure filled in as in previous version, + Category base left blank as in previous version. The same thing happened – message permalinks updated, but blank .htaccess file.

    Tried this many times. If I did not set permissions writable, then I could get the text to paste manually, and the permalinks work fine, as far as I can tell. I suspect if I add a new page or category, I would have to manually edit the .htaccess file.

    This must be a bug, and I will see if it’s relevant to add to your ticket, Christine or open a new one.

    After the initial permalinks creation, does WP only write to (or need to write to) the .htaccess file when a new WP Page is created?

    Can you guys take a look at this thread: ?

    I created the htaccess file when i started the site ages ago. So maybe it hasnt updated since?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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